Apply to be a TED-Ed Innovative Educator!

TED-Ed seeks creative and motivated teachers, principals, curriculum specialists, superintendents and educational leaders from all over the world to join our next cohort of TED-Ed Innovative Educators. Applications are due by August 19, 2016. Apply now, or read on for [...]

What every teacher needs to know about students with learning disabilities

Karen Goepen-Wee grew up in a family of ‘makers’ and problem-solvers. Now, this solution-oriented mindset helps her students with learning disabilities. For her TED-Ed Innovation Project, Goepen-Wee created a digital collection of resources that she finds useful for her students, their teachers, [...]

5 theories about why we love (in TED-Ed GIFs)

Ah, romantic love; beautiful and intoxicating, heart-breaking and soul-crushing… often all at the same time! Why do we choose to put ourselves though its emotional wringer? Does love make our lives meaningful, or is it an escape from loneliness and [...]

How to start organizing a TEDx event if you’re a TED-Ed Club leader

Why are TED-Ed Clubs and TEDx events such a perfect match? Because if you’re a TED-Ed Clubs leader, then you want to show off the product of your members’ hard work — talks! One way to do this is through [...]

Animation Basics 101

Have you ever wondered how animation works? Or wanted to learn more about the art of visual storytelling? Watch our Animation Basics video series and follow your curiosity. For a great introduction to the series — plus some creative animation projects [...]

How much money teachers earn around the world

How much do educators get paid for their work? We asked 17 public school teachers in communities around the world — from Kildare to Kathmandu, Johannesburg to Oslo — to tell us what they earned in one month (and how [...]