5 ways to get involved with TED-Ed Clubs as a TEDx organizer

Working with TED-Ed Clubs is a great way to expand the reach of your TEDx event. All over the world, innovative educators and students are hosting TED-Ed Clubs in schools — an initiative that trains young people in how to [...]

How to launch student innovation projects

Nicholas Provenzano puts the ‘A’ in STEAM education. As a high school English teacher who actively seeks new ways to enhance learning, he is often at the leading edge of trends in education and technology — from going paperless in [...]

Take the TED-Ed July Challenge!

Want to keep your brain fit this summer — and learn 31 new ideas in the month of July? Do both by signing up below to take the second annual TED-Ed July Challenge! Here’s how it works: Beginning on July [...]

The next book on your student reading list….and how to build a podcast around it

Let’s reinvent the book report. Like many English teachers, Kathleen Harsy turns up the volume on a podcast during her daily commute between home and school. One day, this got her thinking: Why not teach kids how to make their [...]

Start a supportive learning network for local educators

“Teaching can be a desperately isolating profession,” says Dylan Ferniany, a gifted education program specialist in Birmingham, Alabama. Yet both teachers and students benefit when educators have regular opportunities to collaborate, problem-solve and share ideas. How might we create supportive [...]

What’s the difference between a scientific law and theory? (in TED-Ed GIFs)

Chat with a friend about an established scientific theory, and she might reply, “Well, that’s just a theory.” But a conversation about an established scientific law rarely ends with “Well, that’s just a law.” Why is that? What is the [...]