How to create digital homework that students love

Let’s redesign homework. When’s the last time your students got excited to do homework? Or said things like, “Wow…just WOW. It is amazing how much is out there that we just don’t know about”? What if every homework assignment could [...]

5 TED-Ed Lessons to watch on Earth Day

How do solar panels work? Can wildlife adapt to climate change? How many TED-Ed Lessons include animated Earths, anyway? Here are 5 TED-Ed Lessons (and 1 great TED-Ed video compilation of animated Planet Earths) to watch now: 1. Climate change: [...]

How to get kids to love science

Maybe your kids already love science. If so, great! If not, these creative strategies can help. Ready to spark a love of science in the students near you? Here are five ways to get started. Encourage students to pick one [...]

5 tips to improve your critical thinking (in TED-Ed GIFs)

Every day, a sea of decisions stretches before us. Some are small and unimportant, but others have a larger impact on our lives — for example, ‘Which politician should I vote for?’; ‘Should I try the latest diet craze?’; or [...]

Make a DIY StoryCorps interview recording studio at your school

TED-Ed Innovation Projects are designed by educators, for educators, with the support and guidance of the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program. You are welcome to duplicate or modify this project to meet your school needs! In this TED-Ed Innovation Project, educational technologist Jimmy Juliano shares [...]

7 TED-Ed Lessons for a healthier you

How do carbohydrates impact your health? What would happen if you didn’t sleep? How does sugar affect your brain? In honor of World Health Day, here are 7 TED-Ed Lessons for a healthier you: 1. How do carbohydrates impact your [...]