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What do teens really think about body image, beauty and bullying? 3 perspectives from around the world


Body image, beauty and bullying. These three themes have been passionately presented by dozens of students participating in TED-Ed Clubs around the globe. When these students were asked to present an idea they felt most passionate about, many club members boldly chose to talk about how to combat negative body image, distorted images of beauty and the bullying that comes with these challenges.

Watch — but more importantly, listen — to these three inspiring perspectives on body image, beauty and bullying from teenagers around the globe.

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10 inspiring commencement speeches about creativity and courage

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 2.19.16 PM

In the Venn diagram of storytelling methods, the commencement speech is part poetry, part cat poster. The best commencement speeches transcend the limitations of the genre to provide inspiration for all of us. Below, read 10 great commencement speeches by writers and artists on how to live with more creativity and courage.

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Inside the world’s best kindergarten


At Fuji Kindergarten outside Tokyo, kids make the most of a magical environment designed just for them. The roof of their oval-shaped school, designed by Tokyo-based firm Tezuka Architects, is an endless playground, and trees grow right through classrooms.

So how do you build to let children be children? Says Takaharu Tezuka (TED Talk: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen): Think like a kid. He was inspired by his own daughter and son, now twelve and nine, who he says “have become a part of his body.” As they grew up, their habits and desires became his, and in designing his school with his wife, Yui, he only needed to channel them to know what to build. Explore the school and dive into Daddy and Mommy Tezuka’s kid-centered design thinking.

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10 ways to teach creativity in the classroom

How do ideas feel?

Education expert Sir Ken Robinson notes that in the factories of the 20th century, creativity was not valued. Yet in the startups of the 21st century, it’s critical for success. What can teachers do — right now — to prepare students for the world of the future? Below, 10 ways to teach creativity in the classroom:

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

evolution of feathers

To celebrate National Teacher Day, the TED-Ed staff took a moment to reflect on the teachers that shaped us. Who were some of the educators that really had a lasting impact on our lives — and why? Find out below!

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The mystery of left-handedness: The making of a TED-Ed Lesson

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.49.58 PM

Today, about one-tenth of the world’s population is left-handed — and archaeological evidence concludes that it’s been this way for the last 500,000 years. But why do such a small percentage of people carry this trait, and what does it mean about them that they do? These were the questions that inspired TED-Ed Educator Danny Abrams and TED-Ed Animator Lisa LaBracio (ironically both righties) to take a deep dive into the subject of southpaws for one of our most popular TED-Ed Lessons this year, “Why are some people left-handed?.“ We caught up with the duo to talk about their process taking this animation from script to screen. 

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On raising kids who are more than “hoop jumpers”: A teenage TED speaker’s mom on how she encourages her sons to innovate


Jane Andraka has raised two remarkable sons. Luke, age 20, is studying electrical engineering at Virginia Tech. “He was always tinkering and taking things apart — wondering how they worked, wondering how they could be made better. He had ideas coming out of his brain like a firehose,” she says. Meanwhile, Jack, age 18, is a teen innovator and scientist who gained international attention when, three years ago, he created a promising method of early cancer detection. In a talk at TED2013 that’s been viewed nearly 4 million times, Jack Andraka shared the story behind the four-cent strip of paper that appears to be 400 times more sensitive in detecting pancreatic cancer than the previous standard — and that could work for ovarian and lung cancer too.

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Announcing the next TED-Ed Club Connect Week!


The TED-Ed Club program is all about supporting and sharing student ideas and passions. In addition to creating and sharing their TED-Ed Club videos, TED-Ed Club Members also have the opportunity to spread their ideas during TED-Ed Club Connect Week, in which students around the globe digitally connect and hash out their presentation topics. We had such a blast during our last Connect Week and we cannot wait to do it again May 11th through 15th!

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Why I taught myself 20 languages — and what I learned about myself in the process


During the past few years, I’ve been referred to in the media as “The World’s Youngest Hyperpolyglot” — a word that sounds like a rare illness. In a way it is: it describes someone who speaks a particularly large number of foreign languages, someone whose all-consuming passion for words and systems can lead them to spend many long hours alone with a grammar book.

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Advice for young writers and designers from renowned book jacket artist Chip Kidd


Tucked into the northeast corner of the Vancouver Convention Centre, a podium was set up for the duration of TED2015. A small camera captured what happened behind it, with a panorama of Vancouver’s mountains and harbor in the distance, complete with sea planes skimming across the water. From this vantage point, classrooms around the world Skyped in to TED2015 for meet-and-greets with both new and veteran TED speakers. Second graders, middle schoolers and students applying to college came in early or stayed late after school for these Skype in the Classroom sessions, which gave the opportunity for them to ask speakers like Mark Ronson and Dan Pallotta about their personal experiences. One elementary schooler even made a very serious request to Sylvia Earle for permission to drive her submarine.

One of our favorite TED speakers, book jacket designer, Chip Kidd, spoke with a classroom in California along with one of TED’s in-house designers, Celia Berger. They had some smart tips for budding writers and designers that we thought were too good not to share.

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