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Why you should always thank your barista

Writer A.J. Jacobs was going through life feeling more grumpy than grateful. To start cultivating a thankful attitude, he decided to show some appreciation to the people behind his daily cup of coffee. Here’s what he discovered when he met [...]

5 steps to help you figure out your passion

Need a new reason to get up in the morning? Enrich your life by finding and developing your next passion, with tips from psychology researcher Angela Duckworth. Ever watch The Great British Bake-off? It’s an addictive reality TV show about the [...]

A bold step for womankind: Meet the young women behind Kyrgyzstan’s satellite program

Ranging in age from 17 to 25, they are challenging their country’s gender norms by learning engineering and coding, and setting their sights on infinity and beyond. In Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, a dedicated group at the Kyrgyz Space [...]

Why I’m teaching prisoners to code

Inmates at the San Quentin computer lab. Photo: Andrew Landini.   Chris Redlitz of The Last Mile describes the thinking behind Code.7370 San Quentin, a program to rehabilitate prisoners by teaching them to code. Six years ago, I entered San Quentin [...]

TED-Ed Weekend 2018: Meet the Speakers!

It’s that time again: TED-Ed Weekend will return on November 17th, 2018! This full-day event is designed to amplify the voices of TED’s next generation by inviting students from around the world to share their ideas from the TED stage [...]

Want to fight climate change? Educate a girl

It’s that simple. Making sure that girls around the world can go to school helps them and their families, of course, but also benefits the entire world. If I asked you to name one of the most effective ways to [...]

The 5 types of mentors you need in your life

Here’s how to assemble your personal dream team, with tips from business expert Anthony Tjan. Everyone can use a mentor. Scratch that — as it turns out, we could all use five mentors. “The best mentors can help us define and express [...]