Want to boost your creativity and be a better collaborator? Think about why the sky is blue

Stretch your mind and strengthen your relationships with this simple exercise borrowed from schoolkids. Education innovator Sugata Mitra shows how. It’s probably been a long time since you lay on your back in the grass, looked up and wondered, Why [...]

How the story you tell about yourself affects your life

We’ve all created our own personal histories, marked by highs and lows, that we share with the world — and we can shape them to live with more meaning and purpose. We are all storytellers — all engaged, as the [...]

Why working from home should be standard practice

“ And if your boss is on the fence, here’s a compelling case study — from economics professor Nicholas Bloom — to show her. Quick — imagine a person working from home. If you pictured somebody in pajamas watching videos [...]

Has your mom said she doesn’t have a favorite child? That’s probably a lie.

Sociologist Jill Suitor studies the truth about moms and their kids — and the surprising effects that parental favoritism can have on us. If you want to start a fight in a multi-child family, try throwing out the question “Who [...]

What plastic item would you love to ban? 15 ocean experts (and TED speakers) tell us.

Yes, plastic straws are bad, but they’re just a teeny drop in the giant ocean of plastic we’re swimming in. Here are other everyday plastic objects that we could put on the discontinued list. On July 9, Starbucks announced that [...]

Can you pass this mythology quiz?

How much do you know about mythology? See how well you rank with our 10-question quiz:   Want to learn more? Check out our TED-Ed Lessons on literature and language. To get brand new TED-Ed Lessons delivered to your inbox [...]