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Why one animator decided to use iPhones and bologna to explain shape memory alloys

Here at TED-Ed, we have been incredibly fortunate to work with talented and innovative animators from all over the world. But the TED-Ed Lesson by materials scientist, Ainissa Ramirez, marks a first for TED-Ed. The animation uses bologna — yes, [...]

Deconstructing the first live-action TED-Ed Lesson (featuring Victor Wooten)

The TED-Ed Team feels lucky to have created the first live-action TED-Ed Lesson with five-time Grammy winner, and Béla Fleck and the Flecktones bassist, Victor Wooten. The shoot took place on a Saturday, and while the 10-person camera, lighting and [...]

How one AP Biology teacher uses TED-Ed Lessons

Paul Andersen, creator of the “The Five Fingers of Evolution” and a seasoned AP Biology teacher at Bozeman High School in Montana, talks to TED-Ed about his life as a teacher and how he integrates videos into his teaching. You have [...]

Top 10 most popular TED-Ed Lessons of 2012

Shakespearean insults, mind-boggling numbers, universal mysteries, and microscopic battles — these topics are just hint of the intellectual expanse covered by the educators and animators in the top ten most viewed Lessons on Click any image to view the full Lesson.

Olympian Steve Mesler shares his gold medal with TED-Ed

In celebration of the summer Olympics, TED-Ed got the chance to work with Olympic gold-medalist, Steve Mesler, on a personal TED-Ed Lesson about two decisions that  put him on the path to Olympic glory. The lesson, which was visualized by [...]