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5 cookie pro tips from TED-Ed (and science)

Cookies are for everyone. But everyone has cookie preferences. When you slide that cookie tray into the oven, you’re setting off a series of chemical reactions that transform one substance — dough — into another — cookies! The better you [...]

Finally, the 7th row of the Periodic Table of the Elements is complete

Science teachers, rejoice: Four new chemical elements have just been formally added to the Periodic Table of the Elements, completing the 7th row. The elements were discovered by teams of scientists in Russia, America and Japan. Their permanent names will [...]

How big is a mole?

There are about 20 species of fuzzy moles (the kind that crawl around on the ground), and one kind of mole that might appear on your face, but today is a day for celebrating a different kind of mole. Today’s [...]