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How top athletes get in the zone

Ever wish you had a switch you could just turn whenever you needed to be focused and productive? While getting in the zone is something we all hope and strive for — whether it’s at work, at home, at school [...]

Sports are designed around men — and that needs to change

From tennis to swimming and soccer, female athletes are at the top of their game right now, but they are still not receiving the support that men do. Despite accumulating international titles, the US women’s national soccer team are currently having [...]

The physics of football (in TED-Ed GIFs)

In 1997, Brazilian football player Roberto Carlos set up for a 35 meter free kick with no direct line to the goal. Carlos’s shot sent the ball flying wide of the players, but just before going out of bounds it [...]

Olympian Steve Mesler shares his gold medal with TED-Ed

In celebration of the summer Olympics, TED-Ed got the chance to work with Olympic gold-medalist, Steve Mesler, on a personal TED-Ed Lesson about two decisions that  put him on the path to Olympic glory. The lesson, which was visualized by [...]