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How teachers can turn their classrooms INSIDE OUT through portraiture with artist JR

There’s a reason why people in the Renaissance commissioned masters to capture their likeness in swirls of paint, why people in the 1800s flocked to studios to have their daguerreotypes etched on silver plates, and why even today we stand [...]

Turn your classroom into a citizen science lab with GlobalXplorer

“Citizen science” projects can boost student engagement by giving kids the opportunity to help solve real-world problems, in fields ranging from archaeology to zoology. One citizen science option that we recommend is GlobalXplorer, a new platform launched by archaeologist (and [...]

10 questions to ask your family around the table

Sometime between the first bite of turkey and the last slice of pie, it’ll happen: a lull in the dinner conversation. What will you do next? If you’re breaking bread with acquaintances, you might turn small talk into smart conversation or choose [...]

7 ideas about finding the work you were meant to do

You don’t “find your calling,” you fight for it — and other lessons from people who found their passion (sometimes late in life). Whether it was during a career aptitude test or in a heart-to-heart chat, chances are someone has talked to you about [...]

So you want to be an archaeologist….

Sarah Parcak has one of the coolest jobs in the world. As a modern-day Indiana Jones, she looks at infrared satellite images of Earth to help identify lost pyramids and ancient cities across North Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean. Then, she grabs [...]

How anonymous companies hurt young people

This animated video collaboration with TED Prize shines a light on anonymous companies and the negative effects that they can have on people around the world. Here’s what you need to know: Anonymous companies are often used to cover up crime. Global Witness, [...]

Make history by recording it with StoryCorps

Everyone has a story. What’s yours? What about your parents and teachers? Your elders and mentors? Now is a great time to add all of these stories to the largest living archive of human voices on the planet: StoryCorps The [...]