Lessons from TED2013 and TEDActive 2013

We’ll be updating the blog all week with lessons created by TED2013 and TEDActive 2013 attendees.

Alex Dainis: Caffeine!! – Bite Sci-zed

Alex Dainis TED-Ed

Usman Riaz: Sheet Music Made Easy

Usman Riaz TED-Ed

Sarah Parcak: The Search For King Richard III – The Archaeological Dig

Sarah Parcak TED-Ed

Genevieve von Petzinger: The Dawn of Art

Genevieve Von Petzinger TED-Ed

Meklit Hadero: Vusi Mahlasela – An Interview

Meklit Hadero TED-Ed

Eric L. Berlow: The Microbial Ecology of Hippos

Eric Berlow TED-Ed

Hakeem Oluseyi: Out of This World: The Big Picture

Hakeem Oluseyi TED-Ed

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