How to bring TEDxYouth to your community


Imagine a day filled with thought-provoking speakers, engaging activities and stimulating conversation — all designed for young people. If this sounds like something your community needs, you might be interested in organizing a TEDxYouth event in your town. But where do you start? TED-Ed invited TEDx Projects Manager, Amanda Ellis, to host a TED-Ed Club Workshop on how to organize a TEDxYouth event in your area.

TED-Ed Club Members and Facilitators from Malaysia to Albania to Poland to Illinois tuned in for this informational workshop. Amanda started with a brief history of TEDx, and then went on to share details on the events and activities that surround TEDxYouth and TEDxYouthDay specifically. 


Amanda ended the workshop by outlining some important things to consider when filling out an application for a TEDxYouth license.

1. Consider the name. If an event is held at a school, the name of the event should be “TEDx” followed by the name of the school. So Elm Street High School’s event would be TEDxElmStreetHighSchool. The name becomes the identity of the event, which is a great way to build school pride!

2. Enter the right date. A weekend date is strongly recommended so that it doesn’t interfere with school time. If you’re interested in participating in the TEDxYouthDay Weekend, make sure to enter the dates that TEDxYouthDay is occurring (for this year, it’s 11/15 and 11/16).

3. Determine if you plan to have live speakers. Just let the TEDx team know what type of speakers you plan on having for your event. Will it be all student speakers? Will it be all adult speakers? Don’t worry, though, this is just to get an idea of your initial thoughts — this can be changed! You also don’t have to have live speakers at all.

4. Why are you doing this? Let the TEDx team know what you’re hoping to achieve through this event. Is it about sharing ideas? Collaborating? Community? It’s a chance for the TEDx team to get to know you better!

Interested in organizing an event, but want to know even more? Check out the whole workshop here:

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