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How to exit a conversation without being a jerk

Kio Stark loves to talk to strangers — but she knows every exchange started is one that must be ended. Here, she shares how to gracefully step away. I’ve spent much of the last decade studying (and having) conversations and [...]

How playing Dungeons & Dragons has helped me be more connected, creative and compassionate

Power doesn’t just come from having money or lifting weights — you can gain strengths and abilities you didn’t know you had from fantasy role-playing games, says writer Ethan Gilsdorf. You’re a member of a team of adventurers, and your [...]

Why you think you’re right, even when you’re wrong

Are you a soldier or a scout? Your answer to this question, says decision-making expert Julia Galef, could determine how clearly you see the world. Imagine for a moment you’re a soldier in the heat of battle — perhaps a [...]

How to build closer relationships

Advice from 7 TED speakers on creating better connections. “Why don’t I feel closer to my parent/sibling/friend/co-worker?” It’s a question that many of us have pondered at some point, and it usually comes out of our desire to feel more [...]

These gorgeous photos are a love letter to Earth

Ask photojournalists to name a peer they admire, and Sebastião Salgado’s name is sure to crop up. The Brazilian is renowned for the long-term projects he undertakes, devoting years at a time to documenting the story of a particular people [...]

Quiz: How much do you really know about the pencil?

You’ve probably used and discarded hundreds of pencils in your life so far. Put your knowledge to the test — and learn some cocktail party trivia in the process.   That’s the end of the quiz, but there is much [...]

Want to boost your creativity and be a better collaborator? Think about why the sky is blue

Stretch your mind and strengthen your relationships with this simple exercise borrowed from schoolkids. Education innovator Sugata Mitra shows how. It’s probably been a long time since you lay on your back in the grass, looked up and wondered, Why [...]