What we know (and don’t know) about cancer

Today is #WorldCancerDay. Watch these four TED-Ed Lessons to get more informed about cancerous cells, how they spread and some methods people are using to fight the disease head on. 1. How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones? How [...]

Can you solve these 5 TED-Ed riddles?

Riddles can be relaxing — or devilishly difficult. Ready to tackle some brain teasers? Watch the 5 TED-Ed Lessons below. 1. Can you solve the temple riddle? Your expedition finally stands at the heart of the ancient temple. But as [...]

Why do we dream? 7 theories from science (in TED-Ed GIFs)

In the 3rd millennium BCE, Mesopotamian kings recorded and interpreted their dreams on wax tablets. In the years since, we haven’t paused in our quest to understand why we dream. And while we still don’t have any definitive answers, we [...]

How to learn a new language: 7 tips from TED Translators

Knowing more than one language is great for your brain. But what’s the best way to learn? TED’s Open Translation Project volunteers share 7 tips: Get real. Decide on a simple, attainable goal to start with so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. German [...]

So you want to be an archaeologist….

Sarah Parcak has one of the coolest jobs in the world. As a modern-day Indiana Jones, she looks at infrared satellite images of Earth to help identify lost pyramids and ancient cities across North Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean. Then, she grabs [...]

15 inspiring quotes chosen by teachers, for teachers

“Motivation, creativity and freedom are my most powerful educational tools,” says Cyprus teacher Evanthia Poyiatzi. To sharpen your motivation, creativity and freedom this week, read (and share!) the 15 inspiring ideas and quotes below — handpicked for you by Evanthia [...]