A video that terrifies while it teaches? There’s a TED-Ed Lesson for that


Pick your poison: Blood hungry vampires. Zombies on a mission for your tasty brain. Creepy crawlies. No matter your (fictional or real) fright of choice, TED-Ed has a lesson for all of your Halloween needs. So pick out your favorite candy (more on that later), choose a few videos, and have a very happy Halloween.

Our newest TED-Ed Lesson was made entirely out of chalk


When Justin Dowd worked as a food runner, he would sometimes doodle on the chalkboard in the restaurant where he worked. He might have been surprised to know then that this skill he was developing would someday win him a trip into space. We caught up with Dowd, who wrote and animated today’s TED-Ed Lesson ‘Could comets be the source of life on Earth?‘ to talk about his upcoming trip to the cosmos, the wonders of working with chalk, and a few of the most amazing scientific discoveries in recent history.

TED-Ed launches an interactive periodic table with a video for every element

In 1864, Dimitri Mendeleev published the first periodic table that organized all the known elements in the world. This tool was groundbreaking for many reasons–including the fact that Mendeleev planned with incredible foresight, leaving space for any new elements that would be discovered beyond his time.  The history of the periodic table is fascinating, but If you’ve ever taken a chemistry class, you know that memorizing those elements and understanding their properties can be difficult! To help provide a refresher and a study aid of sorts, TED-Ed collaborated with Brady Haran, best known for his YouTube channel Numberphile and his extensive video coverage of the periodic table, to create a clickable periodic table with videos on every element.

Calling all teachers! Want to attend a TED Conference?


Are you a teacher? Do you want to attend a TED Conference? TED-Ed is thrilled to announce a limited number of discounted tickets for teachers wanting to attend TEDActive 2015 in Whistler, BC, Canada.

Future STEM superstars: 4 TED-Ed Club Members present on advanced science topics

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.18.03 PM

The TED-Ed Clubs program aims to amplify the voices of students across the world. On the blog, we do just that by showcasing must-see TED-Ed Club presentations clustered around a specific theme. This week, check out these four seriously stellar science presentations.

An animated lesson full of adorable animals made of autumn leaves


Ten percent of plant matter gets eaten while it is alive. The other 90% falls to the ground and becomes detritus, which supports microbes, insects and, yes, us, as we feed on animals that grazed on it and plants that grow in it.

When it came time to animate a TED-Ed lesson about this so-called “brown food chain,” the animation team of Celeste Lai, Lisa LaBracio and Biljana Labovic had an idea. LaBracio had a vast collection of dried leaves at home, and the trio conspired to create animals by layering these leaves into a visual representation of the idea that all living things are made up of dead matter.

3 brand new TED-Ed Lessons written by CERN scientists

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.27.07 PM

TED-Ed loves working with CERN. Our video library includes more than ten lessons written by CERN scientists on topics ranging from dark matter to the Higgs boson. In 2013, we even collaborated with the organizers of TEDxCERN to premiere three brand new lessons at their first ever TEDx event. It went so well that we decided to do it again! Here are the three lessons we premiered at TEDxCERN this year.

TED-Ed hosts animation station at TEDGlobal 2014


TEDGlobal 2014 was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this past week and centered around the theme ‘South!’. Playing on this idea, TED-Ed hosted an animation station at the conference at which attendees learned about visualizing data while creating an incredible animated map of their own personal travel routes south to Brazil. 

High school TED-Ed Club Member from Singapore discusses student leadership


By Arjun Mehrotra
Student at United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

Like thousands of other high school students, I routinely watch TED Talks — but I wanted to take it to the next level. Luckily, in January 2014, TED had just introduced the TED-Ed Club program and I felt that starting a club would be a great place to start — I hoped that TED-Ed Clubs would give me and my fellow students an intimate understanding of what a good TED Talk looks like while also enhancing our public speaking skills. My class consisted of a group of 21 students enrolled in the Foundation IB program. This meant that we did not do the IGCSE exams like our peers and therefore had about 20-40 minutes of Personal & Social Education each morning. The teachers in school already had a plan in place for these sessions but were quite supportive of my idea for the TED-Ed Club, with the understanding that it would be student initiated and student led.

Exploring the animal kingdom: 7 TED-Ed Lessons on our favorite furry (and not-so-furry) friends


There are no limits to the beauty and mystery of the animal kingdom. From the small insects that wriggle in the dense moss of the forest to the enormous blue whales that lurk in the depths of the sea, these creatures lend wonder to our world. TED-Ed’s video library is packed with lessons on animals, with animations that feature wildlife from bees to birds to bears. Check out this list of our seven favorites, and let us know — which animal would you like to see a lesson on?