How to launch student innovation projects

Nicholas Provenzano puts the ‘A’ in STEAM education. As a high school English teacher who actively seeks new ways to enhance learning, he is often at the leading edge of trends in education and technology — from going paperless in [...]

Take the TED-Ed July Challenge!

Want to keep your brain fit this summer — and learn 31 new ideas in the month of July? Do both by signing up below to take the second annual TED-Ed July Challenge! Here’s how it works: Beginning on July [...]

The next book on your student reading list….and how to build a podcast around it

Let’s reinvent the book report. Like many English teachers, Kathleen Harsy turns up the volume on a podcast during her daily commute between home and school. One day, this got her thinking: Why not teach kids how to make their [...]

Start a supportive learning network for local educators

“Teaching can be a desperately isolating profession,” says Dylan Ferniany, a gifted education program specialist in Birmingham, Alabama. Yet both teachers and students benefit when educators have regular opportunities to collaborate, problem-solve and share ideas. How might we create supportive [...]

What’s the difference between a scientific law and theory? (in TED-Ed GIFs)

Chat with a friend about an established scientific theory, and she might reply, “Well, that’s just a theory.” But a conversation about an established scientific law rarely ends with “Well, that’s just a law.” Why is that? What is the [...]

Career advice for new graduates (and really, anyone) from Margaret Heffernan

It’s commencement season in the US, which means that some lucky new graduates are about to start internships and entry-level jobs. How to stand out? Business writer Margaret Heffernan shares this career advice: Build your social capital. Social capital is one source [...]