Inside Sugata Mitra’s first School in the Cloud learning lab in the United States

SOLE NYC classroom photo: Dian Lofton/TED

In the first School in the Cloud learning lab in the United States, elementary school students explore questions and conduct online research in groups. Photo: Dian Lofton/TED

John B. Russwurm Elementary School in New York City is a bustling primary school filled with colorful bulletin boards and energetic staff. It’s also home to education innovator Sugata Mitra’s first School in the Cloud learning lab in the United States. As a former elementary school teacher, I was struck by an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia at the sight of students building intellectual connections between ideas. Here’s how the lab works.

One of our animators takes on Inktober

Inktober logo

Each October, artists around the globe commit to doing 31 ink drawings in 31 days. This daily creative challenge, known as Inktober, has 4 rules:

  1. Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).
  2. Post it somewhere (Instagram, Facebook, on your wall, etc.)
  3. Hashtag it with #Inktober
  4. Repeat

One of our animators is halfway through Inktober. Check out his favorite drawing so far:

10 teachers share the books that changed their lives

TED-Ed blog books books books

Happy National Book Month! To celebrate the power of a good book, we asked the TED-Ed Innovative Educators to share the books that changed their lives. Looking for a good education read? Check out their book list below:

Teach science with art? This astronomer says yes

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.36.19 PM

Aomawa Shields is a scientist, actor and TED Fellow. Through her organization Rising Stargirls, she teaches astronomy to middle school girls using theater, writing and visual arts. Below, she talks about how educators can combine art and science to inspire the next generation of astronomers.

One student’s advice: Watch more TED-Ed Lessons in high school

TED-Ed Lessons image

Abike Sonubi is a first-year student at Wesleyan University. This summer, she interned at the TED office. “I wish I’d watched more videos like TED-Ed Lessons while I was in high school,” she says. Below, she explains why.

Top 5 TED-Ed Lessons of all time

TED-Ed Lessons blog collage

Videos like PBS Ideas, Vsauce and ours are designed to spark curiosity about ideas — from music to math to how sugar affects your brain. What ideas will you explore today? To inspire you, here’s an animated video playlist of the 5 most popular TED-Ed Lessons of all time.

A TED speaker coach shares 11 tips for right before you give a talk

  • 8 October 2015 // Kate Torgovnick and Emily Ludolph
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The weekend before a TED conference, each speaker rehearses their talk in the TED theater. It’s a chance for the speakers to get to know the space and for our speaker coaches to give last advice to help each speaker feel their absolute best on stage. Below, longtime TED speaker coach Gina Barnett shares 11 helpful tips:

How 3 animators interpreted the same Whitman poem in different ways


One of the most amazing things about poetry is its seemingly infinite capacity for interpretation. To illustrate that fact, TED-Ed launched a great poetic experiment. We gave one Walt Whitman poem to three of our in-house animators, and asked them to interpret it using three different styles of animation. They were each given a recording of the text to work from, which was supplied by three local poets who also interpreted the text using their voices. The result? A stunning video that breathes three very different lives into Walt Whitman’s timeless poem, “A Noiseless Patient Spider.” We caught up with animators Jeremiah Dickey, Lisa LaBracio and Biljana Labovic to discuss the process and gather their impressions of the final video.

IT’S TIME: Connect Week is Here!



If you’re involved in the TED-Ed Club program, chances are good that you’re pretty passionate about celebrating and amplifying the voices and ideas of students. TED-Ed Club members will spend their year creating and sharing their inspired and inspiring TED-Ed Club videos. What better way to kick off the inspiration cycle than by connecting and brainstorming with other TED-Ed Clubbers from around the world!?

TED-Ed Club Connect Week is your chance to digitally connect with students and educators around the globe to share what’s got you excited for the upcoming club cycle and start to hash out presentation topic ideas. Our last Connect Week was a highlight for the year, and we’re thrilled to bring it back in an even bigger and better way this October 19-23!

How telling stories can transform a classroom


Caitlyn, a quiet seventh grader, was bullied by the other kids in her class at Luther Burbank Middle School in Burbank, California. She wore the same cowboy boots every day. “The other kids were awful about it,” said English teacher Rebecca Mieliwocki, remembering this student who has stayed lodged in her memory for 10 years now. “Even the best kids can be horrible sometimes. It’s a jungle in middle school.”

The law of the jungle, however, can change. Caitlyn’s story illustrates what can happen when students and teachers take the time to listen to each other’s stories.