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Lead better discussions with the Classroom Conversations toolkit

BIO Dani Bostick spent several years as a clinical mental health counselor before becoming a classroom teacher in Virginia. There’s a fair amount of overlap between these two professions. ”As a teacher, your primary responsibility is to ensure that your students [...]

Spark a love of reading with the #LightUpLiteracy challenge

BIO Alejandra Guzman is a secondary science strategist for Los Fresnos CISD in Texas. She is passionate about promoting literacy skills across the curriculum. As a TED-Ed Innovative Educator, Alejandra created the #LightUpLiteracy challenge to help teachers spark a love of reading [...]

Teach more girls about computer science

BIO Kimberly Lane Clark is a blended learning specialist in Texas and a TED-Ed Innovative Educator. She is passionate about increasing the number of women and minorities who work in computer science by making computer science education available to all [...]

Bridge the gaps between teachers and students with Roll Call

BIO A few years ago, TED-Ed Innovative Educator Kristin Leong was leading a classroom discussion in Washington State about racism, identity, and To Kill a Mockingbird, when one 8th grade student raised his hand and observed, “Ms. Leong, you’re the [...]

5 creative storytelling projects recommended by teachers, for everyone

Stories are powerful. Stories shape our ideas about what’s possible. What stories will your students choose to tell about the world? To expand your classroom toolkit of storytelling resources, try these 5 TED-Ed Innovation Project ideas with your students: 1. [...]

Start a teen literary magazine

BIO “My high school students don’t see themselves as writers,” says Jennifer Ward, a high school English teacher in Grandville, Michigan. “They come into class and declare, ‘I hate writing!’ They don’t see their stories, their experiences, their voices as [...]

Every student has a dream

BIO As a child, TED-Ed Innovative Educator Jacqueline Fernandez-Romero used to cross the US/Mexico border daily to attend school. Today, Jackie is the principal of the Latin American Youth Center Career Academy in Washington, D.C., which provides both a rigorous [...]