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24 game-changing ideas from educators

Every great innovation starts with a powerful idea. The 24 powerful ideas below are recommended by educators, for educators, as part of the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program. After engaging in two months of online professional development and attending a TED conference, each [...]

Teach STEM through interactive storytelling

BIO Tim Couillard was 22 years old when he taught his first physics and chemistry classes at James River High School in Virginia. Two decades later, this TED-Ed Innovative Educator is still there, happily teaching science and ethics to teenagers. “I believe [...]

Share basic skills through videos that teach via gestures

BIO Umar Anjum is an Urdu language instructor, a TED Translator, and a TED-Ed Innovative Educator in Pakistan, where he works with the University of California Berkeley’s Study Abroad program. Recently, Umar used his language and education expertise to create new learning opportunities [...]

Encourage local students to become global learners

BIO Tobye Ertelt was born and raised in Colorado. Today, she lives and works in her home state as a Digital Teacher Librarian. When Tobye’s not teaching students in Colorado, she loves to explore the world; in addition to other [...]

Teach kids about leadership, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship

BIO Todd LaVogue is a TED-Ed Innovative Educator in Florida and the founder of SLICE: School of Leadership, Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about the power of mentorship to create more opportunities in the lives of young people. Below, learn more [...]

Try project based learning with English language learners

BIO Aletha Williams is a STEM teacher and Instructional Technologist in Houston, Texas. As a TED-Ed Innovative Educator, she is passionate about the power of project-based learning. Recently, she explored the benefits of project-based learning in the context of teaching English language learners. [...]

Transform your classroom into a community via the Johnsonville Learning Network

BIO Anthony Johnson went from high school dropout to teacher of the year. This unusual perspective as an educator led him to create Johnsonville, a 5th grade collaborative learning community. As a TED-Ed Innovative Educator and 2017 North Carolina State Teacher of the Year [...]