24 game-changing ideas from educators


Every great innovation starts with a powerful idea. The 24 powerful ideas below are recommended by educators, for educators, as part of the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program. After engaging in two months of online professional development and attending a TED conference, each TED-Ed Innovative Educator is challenged to create and share an innovative project that can be replicated by other educators. To meet the amazing TED-Ed Innovative Educators who brought these 24 ideas to life, start here. To get inspired by innovations that matter from educators around the world, read on:

  1. Transform your classroom into a community via the Johnsonville Learning Network
  2. Share basic skills through videos that teach via gestures
  3. Spark a love of reading with the #LightUpLiteracy challenge
  4. Bridge the gaps between teachers and students with Roll Call
  5. Start an accelerated learning program for young adults in Pakistan
  6. Boost school engagement through ‘Students Teaching Students’
  7. Learn from the Barbershop of Ideas
  8. Connect your students to local resources
  9. Try project based learning with English language learners
  10. Teach more girls about computer science 
  11. Check out the South Texas Ideas Festival
  12. Host a community event that lifts teen voices
  13. Lead better discussions with the Classroom Conversations toolkit
  14. Sprout a healthy crop of TED-Ed Club talk ideas
  15. Teach kids about leadership, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship
  16. Get inspired by young leaders in Rwanda
  17. Start a private online group for professional development
  18. Spread a love of STEAM
  19. Expand your classroom walls through global student conversations
  20. Introduce online education tools for English language learners
  21. Create a hub for student journalists to record school events
  22. Learn peer coaching tips from the Instructional Leadership Academy
  23. Encourage local students to become global learners
  24. Teach STEM through interactive storytelling

This article is part of the TED-Ed Innovation Project series, which highlights innovative projects shaped by educators, for educators, with the support and guidance of the TED-Ed Innovative Educator program. You are welcome to share, duplicate and modify project ideas under this Creative Commons license to meet the needs of students and teachers. Explore more ideas from teachers and TED-Ed Innovation Projects here.


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