Create a lesson around these five videos: Science

We are so thankful for all the hard work and energy the TED-Ed community has put into crafting excellent lessons on the TED-Ed website.  Some of them have been excellent, and we have featured them as Best Flips. We asked for a few YouTube videos that might be great for the classroom and we got the below list of five science videos. So here’s the challenge: Over the next week, flip one (or all) of the following videos and nominate your flip as a Best Flip, and we’ll potentially feature it on the TED-Ed website!


What color is a mirror?


What do you know about exoskeletons?


They physics of flipping cats. That’s right! Flipping cats.

HighDivingGiraffesHigh Diving Giraffes (this one's tricky -- contextualize this for a potentially incredible lesson)

High Diving Giraffes (this one’s tricky — contextualize this for a potentially incredible lesson)

Why is it dark at night?

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