Just one more thing: Nicolas Steno

Had you heard of Nicolas Steno before Addison Anderson’s TED-Ed Lesson The most groundbreaking scientist you’ve never heard of ? We hadn’t but were quickly educated about scientist Nicolas Steno, who contributed leaps and bounds to the field of geology and the overall role of science in society. So, what additional fact did Addison want us to know about this historical figure?

What’s your favorite fact about Nicolas Steno that didn’t make it into the TED-Ed Lesson?

Nicolas Steno had serious theological interests that he pursued alongside his geological and anatomical studies. He converted from the Lutheran faith to Roman Catholicism, became a bishop in 1677, and worked as a missionary in Northern Europe.  Today, he’s close to being canonized as a Catholic saint.  How does Steno’s commitment to religious faith and scientific discovery complicate our understanding of today’s “Science versus Religion” debates?

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