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Imagine that you’re a student with a question about public speaking. Where will you go for advice? For many students, the answer is…YouTube. That’s why for her TED-Ed Innovation Project, technology integration specialist Jennifer L. Scheffer created a YouTube video playlist that provides public speaking advice from TED-Ed Club Members, for TED-Ed Club Members.

Below are her notes on the project:

Working with students is the most rewarding part of my job. Seeing students thrive in leadership positions, such as when giving advice from a student-run IT help desk, is amazing.

For this video advice series, I chose to film TED-Ed Club Member Timmy Sullivan, a two-time TEDxYouth@BHS speaker. (Watch his talks here and here.) In the videos, he provides students with advice on how to best prepare the beginning, middle, and end of their TED-like talks, and shares his firsthand experience and success as a nationally known speaker and blogger.

Watch the student video advice series here.

Student feedback: “As a veteran TED-Ed Club Member and TEDxYouth@BHS speaker, I feel privileged to be a part of this project,” says Timmy Sullivan. “Being a part of TED-Ed Clubs has been life changing for me, and I hope I will play a small role in impacting the lives of my fellow TED-Ed Club Members throughout the world.”

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Art credit: Sarah Rebar/TED-Ed Blog 

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