How to start a TED-Ed Club

Want to start a TED-Ed Club

A step-by-step guide for starting a TED-Ed Club at your local school or community organization.

Step 1
Watch this short video about starting a TED-Ed Club. If you’re interested, share it with friends, students and teachers that might help you start a club.

Step 2
Tell us why you’re excited to start a TED-Ed Club by completing this application.

Step 3
Talk to TED-Ed. After your application has been processed, you’ll receive additional information and a request to join a video call. On the call you’ll have a chance to meet other potential facilitators, ask questions and share the ideas you have for starting your own TED-Ed Club.

Step 4
Read TED-Ed Club materials. Once approved as a new facilitator, you’ll gain access to a set of materials that will help you run a fun and exciting TED-Ed Club. Perhaps the most helpful resource you’ll find is the TED-Ed Facilitator’s Guidebook.

The book outlines thirteen suggested meetings, each designed to prepare your club members for delivering their first TED-style talk. Facilitators can also access thirteen special TED-Ed Lessons (one for each suggested meeting) that can be used as conversation starters or ice breakers at the beginning of any meeting.

Step 5
Meet! Host your first meeting, and make sure to keep TED-Ed updated so that your club can be featured on the TED-Ed Blog! We love featuring stories and final presentations happening in TED-Ed Clubs throughout the world.

Have a question about TED-Ed Clubs? Check the FAQ or send an email to

9 Responses to “How to start a TED-Ed Club”

  1. Abdelkader says:

    What about the Youth aged between 20-30 ?

  2. ahmet cetinbudaklar says:

    excellent way of sharing knowledge

  3. chandrakant kulkarni says:

    Is there a local language version ( like Marathi ) of this club?

  4. Hi!
    Hogyan tudnam atadni az ismereteimet egy uj programozasi szisztemarol, ha egy centet sem tudtam profitalni a tudasombol, mert mindent elloptak!!! ClickBank, CliskSure Bank, Job, Supportok eca.eca. Mar a villanyszamlamat sem tudom kifizetni, nem hogy utazni es eloadasokat tartani. Ertelme????
    Gabor Szabo /Anyone/ Hungry Budapest

  5. Grey Jones says:

    Can I do this at college?

  6. Amy drew says:

    Can this club be started at my music school?!

  7. Sylwia says:

    Can I open one in Poland? :)

  8. ROCKSON says:

    I will do that to establish my TED-Ed Club

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