What’s the difference between animators and cartoonists?

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Inside a cartoonist’s world sparked an interesting conversation between TED-Ed Animator Jeremiah Dickey and New Yorker cartoonist  Liza Donnelly.

Watch the intriguing and thoughtful conversation that ensued when the two sat down to discuss the similarities and differences in their work…


  1. Tony Vazquez

    I like both videos, but I missed watching the astronomy screensaver in the 2nd. Fortunately, there was this animation thing happening. I’ve been thinking recently about how the arts have both an accretion phase first (piling on more clay, or whatever the raw material is), and then a whittling away. I heard Peter Brooks talk about this process in producing a play in a BAM audience talk. My wife confirmed it’s an important part of her process in oil painting; and here it is in cartooning and animation.

  2. tonybrooklyn

    I like both videos, but I missed the celestial screensaver in the 2nd! Luckily, it had some other animation bits going on.

    After a performance of “The Suit” at BAM this week, director Peter Brooks gave an audience talk. One theme was developing a play through an “accretion” phase of building up and adding on, followed by a paring away of what doesn’t belong. My wife said she sees the same process in her oil painting. And here it is again.

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