10 ideas from TED-Ed Clubs around the world

Gordonville High TED-Ed Word Wordle

In the fall of 2013, students from over twenty countries and 100 schools helped pilot TED-Ed’s newest initiative, TED-Ed Clubs. The students and their TED-Ed Club Facilitators (often a teacher) met regularly across several months to pursue and practice presenting their ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks.

Each meeting was supported by the TED-Ed Club Facilitator’s Guidebook — a paper-based (or digital) resource designed to help club members develop presentation literacy and public speaking skills. In many instances, the guidebook asks club members to write or illustrate the progress of the ideas they’ve decided to pursue. Here are ten examples of “ideas in progress” collected from the awesome students that helped hone this initiative.


Gwendolyn Bearden personalized her list of passions with an illustration of her thoughts. Northwood School’s TED-Ed Club.


Tristan Filiato explored the idea of why people need so much sleep! Fraser Woods Montessori School’s TED-Ed Club.


From this list of his passions, Spencer Goad decided to research and create a presentation on the excitement and dangers of BMX racing. Northwood School’s TED-Ed Club.


This idea sheet comes from Kayla Pollak. Her presentation was on creating your own happiness through laughter. The Northwood School TED-Ed Club.


Facilitator Neringa Sakiniene from the Traku R Lentvaris Motiejus Simelionis TED-Ed Club in Lithuania joined her group in identifying their passions.


This club member explored the idea of why we cry and included two incredible drawings to illustrate her point. Fraser Woods Montessori School.

Gordonville High TED-Ed Word Wordle

Students in the TED-Ed Club at Gordonvale State High School in Australia put together a word cloud on what they believe makes a great idea.


Sophia Andrew explored the idea of privilege and education. Fraser Woods Montessori School’s TED-Ed Club.


Propelled by his interest in science and medicine, Ansh Bhammar gave an insightful presentation on antibiotic resistance. Burlington High School’s TED-Ed Club.


Julia DiMartino from Fraser Woods Montessori School’s TED-Ed Club added a personal touch to her list of passions.

If you’re interested in starting a TED-Ed Club at your school, be sure to apply here!