Selfies with a twist: TED-Ed Club Members pose with their big ideas

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As TED-Ed Club Members are identifying their passions, figuring out their story arcs, and determining whether they will use Prezi or Powerpoint for their final presentations, we asked them to share their big ideas with us through the art of the selfie.

We knew that these TED-Ed Club Members would have a lot of great ideas, but the creativity and insight that came from around the globe still left us utterly impressed.


Marianna Yanni from ESL Creative Learning’s TED-Ed Club examines the similarities between animals and humans.


Marrec Selous from LFNY’s TED-Ed Club will share the difference between science fiction and reality.

A student from Daniel Wright Junior High School’s TED-Ed Club plans to share the importance of taking opportunities that are offered in life.


This student from TUMO’s TED-Ed Club will show us how driving for pleasure creates energy.

Ruxandra, Delia

Delia Ruxandra from George Cosbuc Bilingual High-School’s TED-Ed Club plans to clarify the difference between assertive communication and passive aggressive behavior.

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Ansh Bhammar from Burlington High School’s TED-Ed Club will explain the scientific angle of religion by conveying how religion is actually neuroscience.

Check out the full gallery of all the great selfies we received from TED-Ed Club Members around the world!

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