Colorado TED-Ed Club presents a spectacular workshop at 2014 YouthCaN Conference


Every April, droves of the world’s most environmentally active students flock to New York City to participate in an entirely student-run (and totally awesome) conference called YouthCaN. This daylong eco-extravaganza is hosted by the American Natural History Museum and features student-led workshops that run the gamut from “How to Build a Water Bottle Hydroponic System” to “Solid Waste Management Practice in Nepalese Schools.” TED-Ed was honored to be invited to YouthCaN by a very talented group of eighth graders from Casey Middle School in Boulder, Colorado, who presented “Teens giving TED Talks,” a first-hand look into their experience sharing ideas within their TED-Ed Club.


The seven students who ran the workshop began by giving an overview of TED and TED-Ed Clubs. After giving a thorough rundown of the program, it was time for the real fun to begin. In an attempt to give the audience a taste of what it was like to be part of a TED-Ed Club, each of the seven presenters delivered a part (or all) of their TED-Ed presentation and asked for feedback from the audience. Check out the gallery below for photos and topics from each presentation.

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The students’ talks were varied and thoughtful, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The Casey Middle School crew closed out their thirty minutes by sharing some worksheets they had built to get the other students in the audience thinking about their own big idea they might want to present on.

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