How to start a TED-Ed Club at your school

Want to start a TED-Ed Club

In January 2013, TED-Ed launched TED-Ed Clubs — a flexible, school-based program that supports students in discussing, pursuing and presenting their big ideas in the form of short TED-style talks. By participating in a TED-Ed Club, students further develop presentation and public speaking skills so that their ideas can be more easily seen, understood, shared and acted upon. Over the course of the first semester, thousands of students from schools all over the world delivered thought-provoking presentationsconnected globally with other enthusiastic TED-Ed Clubs and attended a bevy of specially curated online TED-Ed Club Workshops on topics ranging from animation to presentation.

Are you interested in getting involved? Here’s a step-by-step guide for starting a TED-Ed Club at your local school or community organization.

Step 1
Watch this short video about starting a TED-Ed Club. If you’re interested, share it with friends, students and teachers that might help you start a club.

Step 2
Tell us why you’re excited to start a TED-Ed Club by completing this application.

Step 3
Talk to TED-Ed. After your application has been processed, you’ll receive additional information and a request to join a video call. On the call, you’ll have a chance to meet other potential facilitators, ask questions and share the ideas you have for starting your own TED-Ed Club.

Step 4
Read TED-Ed Club materials. Once approved as a new facilitator, you’ll gain access to a set of materials that will help you run a fun and exciting TED-Ed Club. Perhaps the most helpful resource you’ll find is the TED-Ed Facilitator’s Guidebook.

The book outlines thirteen suggested meetings, each designed to prepare your club members for delivering their first TED-style talk. Facilitators can also access thirteen special TED-Ed Lessons (one for each suggested meeting) that can be used as conversation starters or ice breakers at the beginning of any meeting.

Step 5
Meet! Host your first meeting, and make sure to keep TED-Ed updated so that your club can be featured on the TED-Ed Blog! We love featuring stories and final presentations happening in TED-Ed Clubs throughout the world.

Have a question about TED-Ed Clubs? Check the FAQ or send an email to


  1. Thanks to everyone! so Great

  2. marat

    Hello! I have read about TedEdClub. Is this club kind of one-day event or it is not just for one day?

    • Caroline Cristal

      Hi Marat,

      The short answer is that it’s not just for one day! It’s a program that provides a flexible framework for guiding students through creating and filming a presentation on a big idea that is all their own. The idea is to provide students with presentation literacy while also providing a space for them to amplify and spread their ideas. Find out more at or email us at!


  3. Amy Grilliot

    Are there programs for various age levels? Is it able to be tailored to a middle-school or only older students?

    • Caroline

      Hi Amy!

      Great question! TED-Ed Clubs is geared towards 8-18 year old students, so students who are in late elementary/early middle school through high school.

      I hope this helps! Please feel free to email with any additional questions.


  4. We would like to start a TED-ed club because it would support our International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme curriculum. We are a small magnet school in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and we are always looking for ways in which to broaden our horizons and become more service-oriented and internationally minded.

    • Caroline

      Hi Lavanda,

      Thanks for your interest! Feel to look around the website for more info on You’ll be able to find the application to start a TED-Ed Club at your school there as well. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email!


  5. Christos Achilleoudis

    Hi TED,

    We were wondering whether any funding is needed to start TED Ed club at our school.


    • Caroline Cristal

      Hi there, Christos,

      Great question! The TED-Ed Club program is a free opportunity to bring to your school and your students. Additionally you should not have to spend any money implementing the program at your school. However, if you have more specific questions regarding any of this, please feel free to reach out to!


  6. Hatice Demir


    I’m exiting about Ted-Ed Club.
    I have students who can change the world.:) I have a question: We’re from Turkey.I’m courious about Ted-Ed Club’s language. Are the students can speak their own language? Or they have to speak in English?
    Thank you.

    • Caroline

      Hi Hatice,

      Great question! At this time, we ask that all final TED-Ed Club presentations be delivered in English. We hope to be able to incorporate multiple languages as the program continues and grows.

      Please feel free to check out the TED-Ed Clubs FAQ page ( and to email with any additional questions you might have!


  7. Aljeena

    Hi! I’m very interested in starting a TEDEd club at my school, is there a certain ‘cut’ which I have to make in order to get it approved? What is the criteria for getting approved?

  8. Charles Atkinson EdD

    I am a 79-year-old West Nile virus survivor who is building organization to provide patient advocate coaching education resource services to those with serious medical challenges. My goal is to empower people to take charge of theirdecisions about their care. Telling stories a lot Ted Ed is key

  9. Zulma Perez


    Is this only for schools or is it available for chirch youth groups as well?

  10. Cristina

    Hello! Im from Ecuador and I was wondering if there is any way to start a Ted ed club for freshmans at a university?

  11. Sanyam Arya

    I would like to start the TED-ed club at our college.
    How can I get speakers that actually speak at TED-ed conferences.

  12. adnan riaz

    Hi I have read it and it is a positive thing . I am a university level student and wanna implement in my university. I am from Pakistan. I hope you will guide me and sure to help me

  13. Great source of information-ready to start the process.

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