Future STEM superstars: 4 TED-Ed Club Members present on advanced science topics

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The TED-Ed Clubs program aims to amplify the voices of students across the world. On the blog, we do just that by showcasing must-see TED-Ed Club presentations clustered around a specific theme. This week, check out these four seriously stellar science presentations.


Manas Purohit from Burlington High School urges us to look beyond the gas station when considering the energy source of the future in this brain-bending presentation on matter and antimatter collision.


Inspired by the video game Portal, Eliza Thornton from Homewood Middle School decided to investigate just how human a robot can be.


Matt Dekker from Wilmette Junior High School was watching Star Wars when he noticed that some of the ships were not behaving in a way governed by physics. Using scientific theories to back him up, Dekker describes the paradox of hyperspace in this interesting talk.


Melissa Aydi from Forest Hill School takes us into space to explore some of the most mysterious elements of our universe in this presentation on black holes.

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  1. Lakshmi Venkataraman

    Exciting to see all videos.The presentations are interesting and making us to think. Definitely I will take this to my students to motivate them in science and technology.

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