Featured TED-Ed Clubs videos: Trying things, the dangers of soda, singing, consumerism & reptiles


One of the main goals of TED-Ed Clubs has always been to provide a platform for student ideas. In this weekly column, we do just that by highlighting nominated videos from schools participating in TED-Ed Clubs around the world.

Hadley Husisian: If you hate something, try it 
Flint Hill School’s TED-Ed Club – Virginia, USA

Laura Lyn Tan: The damaging effects of this dangerous drink
Punahou Summer School’s TED-Ed Club – Hawaii, USA

Georgia Loui: What is singing?
ESL Creative Learning’s TED-Ed Club – Nicosia, Cyprus

Ella Schnake: Consumerism
Raymore Peculiar’s TED-Ed Club – Missouri, USA

Xavier Edwards: Ending the negative stereotype given to reptiles
John Glenn High School’s TED-Ed Club – Michigan, USA

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  1. Sylvie

    So Nice to se the Work Of students! So inspiring, thank you

  2. John

    Thank you for posting these videos. I recently started a TED Club and need to see what other students are doing.

  3. JeJuan Stewart

    Thanks for sharing these posts. They are inspiring. I have recently started a TED-Ed Club. I will share this with our students soon.

  4. These videos give my students courage and perspective about what the possibilities are…. endless!

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