Featured TED-Ed Clubs videos: Dates with books, videos games, kicking out the Kardashians, Japanese calligraphy & disappearing trees

TED-Ed Club Member Siddhant Arora

TED-Ed Club Member Siddhant Arora

One of the main goals of TED-Ed Clubs has always been to provide a platform for student ideas. In this column, we do just that by highlighting nominated videos from schools participating in TED-Ed Clubs around the world.

Siddhant Arora: A date with books and…some pizza
One Up Library & Experience Center’s TED-Ed Club – India

Jasper Coombes-Waktins: The effects of video games
North Metropolitan PEAC’s TED-Ed Club – Australia

Emma Jo Donoho: Let’s kick out the Kardashians
Windsor High School’s TED-Ed Club – California, USA

Takae Kumagai: A variety of Japanese calligraphy
Think Tanks’ TED-Ed Club – Japan

Casey Carrow: What is happening to trees?
Durham Academy’s TED-Ed Club – North Carolina, USA

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  1. Casey, we are so proud of you! We learned that it is important to pay attention to what is going on around you, that you can take action by writing letters, and then sharing your idea with your peers and the world! You are a confident speaker and I know the world will be a better place to live in because of you. Keep sharing, Casey!

  2. EG

    I really liked Casey’s talk. She is right about us needing to stop tearing down trees in order to build more shopping malls. I think Casey should do more talks to spread her ideas since she is a great speaker.

  3. Sierra

    Casy, I really liked your talk. You are right about how we shouldn’t tear down trees to build things we already have near us. You are great at public speaking and spreading your ideas.

  4. LJ

    I really enjoyed listening to Casey’s talk today. I completely agree that we should stop cutting down the trees. Her talk really inspired me to go after something that means so much. She is a confident and strong speaker, and it’s fun to listen to her. Great Job!

  5. Jaden S

    I really liked this talk. It was very thought through and meaningful. Casey should definitely try and spread her ideas because if she keeps trying, she will make a difference. Casey is a great speaker and it definitely seemed like she knew what she was talking about. Great job, Casey!

  6. NW

    I really liked your talk. This is close to me because I live in the middle of a forest where lots of animals live. There hasn’t been any construction recently but I would hate to not have any trees near me because all the animals and birds would leave. You should try and spread this idea.

  7. CBS

    This is a great talk! I never really notice how things change around me all the time. This is a very important topic for many different reasons and I agree with what you say in the talk. Good job.

  8. Karsen K

    Wow, that was amazing. I love the idea! It is do incredible that you were featured in the ted section!!!! Hope you are proud if yourself!!

  9. I think Casey’s talk is inspiring, it has thought us to notice our surroundings. Like she said trees are important in life but we are just tearing them down just for better things. I wish people would think about this more because it is important in life. Even though trees can’t do anything they are still living creatures. I think we should do more to spread this idea because more people need to know about this topic.

  10. HW

    I think that Casey did such a good job with her talk and made a really good point. I think she is right about the fact that we need shopping malls, but not two right next to each other. She is a really good speaker and sounded very confident. I would love to hear her do more talks because I really enjoyed watching this one.

  11. Toby Harris

    I really liked Casey’s talk. It was a powerful talk about trying to make change. Many people think the same way as her, including my family. She should keep talking to spread her ideas.

  12. I enjoy all of these talks. I am currently studying Japanese, so the Japanese calligraphy talk was very interesting to me. I also enjoyed the talk about trees. I liked the initiative she took to write letters, and I agree that deforestation should be reduced, if not stopped. Nice talks.

  13. Casey did an amazing talk! We shouldn’t tear down trees for something we already have. Casey had made an very good claim

  14. John P

    Casey’s talk is interesting because she proves her point well. She is correct in her talk and I agree with her. Save the trees!

  15. Toby Harris

    I really loved Casey’s talk. Many people think like her and have the same opinions as her. Some of those people are me and my family. I think Casey should do more talks to spread her ideas and knowledge to the world.

  16. Andria

    I go to Park West almost every week. It is a useful shopping center and I often hang out with friends their, but I do think that we have way to many unessacary shopping centers with the same store. It is a different story when one is in Durham and one is in Cary. I think it is terrible that they cut down trees for no good reason, since we have everything that we need.

  17. Casey Carrow definitely has a strong passion about her topic. She’s definitely convinced me. I hope that I get to see more talks like hers.

  18. Brock

    I think Casey did a fantastic job on here talk. She is totally right about us cutting down to many trees. We need to stop doing this because trees keep us alive.

  19. BR

    Your ted talk is one of the best I’ve heard from a student. I like how she talked so confident. Great job.

  20. GB

    Casey, I totally agree with you. Go animals and wildlife. My whole life I’ve loved nature, and I love how you did a talk about it. I would never have the guts to write to the president, so good for you! That’s really neat. I share all your great opinions. Great talk!

  21. GB

    Casey, awesome talk! I share all your opinions on wildlife, and I have all my life. I would never have the guts to write to the president, though. The talk was very inspirational! You had amazing supporting details.

  22. I really liked how well she thought out exactly what to say and what to do.

  23. TH

    Casey is right about this. It is ridiculous. I think they did this just to make more money. Why else would they?

  24. 21colbyp

    Casey is right. The second shopping center was definetly not needed. A lot of people do not realize how much trees are needed. And also, these extra buildings are harming the wildlife.

  25. LG

    I really like how she is spreading awareness of the trees. She seems really involved in her project to me because she wrote letters and took pictures. She is really committed to help trees.

  26. AB

    I love this talk a huge chunk of land right next to my house was deforested and the haven’t even done anything yet.

  27. TH

    Casey is right about this. It is ridiculous. I think they did this just to make more money. Why else would they? But, I think the president has better things to do than answer a child’s letter. If he made an exception just for you, everyone would want their problems fixed, and not all of the letters would be as meaningful.

  28. Casey’s talk was really good. I like how she was very assertive and spoke clearly. She obviously spent lots of time on her presentation. I also wholeheartedly agree with EG in that we should have mor tree protection sites.

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