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Want to keep your brain in shape this summer — and learn 31 new ideas in the month of July? Do both by signing up below to take the TED-Ed July Challenge.

Here’s how it works: Beginning on July 1, once a day for 31 days, you’ll receive a TED-Ed Lesson in your inbox chosen just for this challenge. Take the lesson by watching the video and answering the questions and you’re done for the day! Take all 31 lessons, once a day from July 1-July 31, and you’ll be in the running to receive one of three fun gift bags from the TED Office.

Ready to learn something new every day for 31 days? Sign up here and you’ll get an email starting up the challenge on July 1.

Looking for an archive of the lessons already posted? Check out this blog post for the full calendar, updated daily. 

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  1. What a great initiative!. Not a MOOC, but an excellent example of informal learning. Well done TEDsters! :-)

  2. Vu Khanh Ly

    i will

  3. Todd Parker


  4. Areefa

    Can this challenge also be taken by children 11 years onwards? Looking forward for a speedy reply.

    • Emilie Soffe

      Hello, Areefa –

      The age range for our lessons vary, but they are typically most applicable for ages 13-23!

  5. So, if I got it correctly, only three randomly generated participants will get a gift bag?

    If that’s the case, then what’s in it for us less fortunate?

  6. Melissa

    You have a bunch of unschooled kids and moms signed up! We love this kind of stuff!

  7. Hey Ted!

    I’m looking to collaborate with a few people on this challenge. Our plan is to set up a Facebook group to bring a greater awareness to the challenge by sharing our lessons and maybe even creating our own collateral to add value. I need some branding guidelines in terms of what we can/can’t use.

    We’ve got an eclectic mix of law of inspirational leaders involved. We can’t wait to get going on it!

    Please advice on your Facebook guidelines and if we are able to use any aspects of your branding as part of our collaboration.

    Many thanks,

  8. Joan

    I am so excited about this challenge!! I love ted.com and thank you for coming up with it. I think it’s not your age that matters or that you even get the “answers” to the quizzes right; it’s that you try and learn something in the process.

  9. Michelle

    Looking forward to it!

  10. Sarah Harris

    Boo yeah! I love learning… though I’m currently taking classes, I’m excited to add a little pleasure learning to my life.

  11. Jax


    Not gonna lie, I’m kinda hoping to snag a swag bag!


  12. Ana

    I´m thrilled! It´s a great initiative, and I can´t wait to start and learn a bit more!

  13. Sunduk Wang

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am looking forward to it.

  14. Kelly

    Can I get a Facebook badge or something if I finish it and don’t won a goodie bag? :)

  15. CJ

    It is the soul’s journey to grow at all ages.

  16. Angelo Gentile

    Can’t wait for July 1.

  17. Karen Baker

    Shared the challenge with the teachers at my school. Hoping many of them take the challenge with me.

  18. Bradley

    I have baby #2 coming on July 8th, but I am going to do my best to keep up!

  19. I am a long time educator and always up to learning more.

  20. Dylan

    how do we sign up

  21. maria kube

    To Gio, who thought this might be too hard for seniors. I’m 69 and have been following TED for 2 years now. I took a world religion class and the teacher mentioned TED for more and easy information. I like your range of subjects. I’m a retired RN.

  22. Leigh Allen

    This goes to all of my college faculty members and family members. Great Idea.

  23. Judith Jackson

    Does this apply to international entrants?

  24. donna

    Life is an ongoing education. I am also a senior and want to absorb anything I can to stimulate this brain just like the body needs care, so does the brain. bring on the challenge!

  25. Divya Iyer

    Thanks..Look forward to it !

  26. Rohith Iyer

    Thank you.

  27. Santhy Subramanian

    Thank you.

  28. Deepika Jadaun

    would love to learn 31 new things…iam inn

  29. Donna

    You are about to turn me into the most intelligent woman on Earth. That’s a fair warning.

  30. kaye

    Let ‘em bring on the “whippersnappers” and let’s see who winds up
    holding the “3 bags” ! Senior’s rock!

  31. Buck

    OK, I’m in. However, I’m concerned about the time commitment. While I’m way into “senior years”, time is a premium since I run close to light speed with a long “to-do” list and multiple organization obligations. And I assume all participants get the same video each day? No choice of topics?

  32. Sandra Jean

    Going on a kayak trip to unplug for the last week of July so will have to settle for learning 25 ideas instead of 31. Still a good deal. Thanks, TED!

  33. Hsien

    It is a good way to spand the summer vocation. We can learn new concept and knowledge. Thanks TED-Ed.

  34. Peter Dawson

    I may be away from internet access for some of July: will I be able to play catch up?

  35. Nick

    Definitely completing this challenge with my summer school class… The kids are going to love it!

  36. Virgínia

    Hey… I’m 45 and i want to participate! Am i out? The chance of learning in the best way that exists to learn no matter the subject and… I’m out? C’mon, can’t a school teacher have a chance? I don’twant any prize, i want to be defied! A-ya! Too late, I subscribed the challenge! ;0)
    I’m portuguese and this year, all my students learned, in class, with Ted! They simply LOVED the experience of learning with the best and the best way ever! Thank you, Ted!

  37. Kerry

    I already have a vacation planned in July so will it count against me if I have to do several lessons in a few days to make up for the days I won’t have internet access at all? Thank you!

  38. Mike Hardy

    I’m interested, but life is not easy. How much time will this take?

  39. I love listening to TED lessons and I think this is a brilliant idea!

  40. Rebecca Fenton

    I will take the TED-Ed Challenge

  41. Anna

    This is a fantastic way to re-ignite the passion in learning well into adulthood! I am up for the July challenge definitely!!

  42. Natalia

    I want to take the challenge, but I’ll be on vacation for a week, without laptop or phone. So… if I watch the videos and ask the questions posted during that week, will it still count, or am I already failing the challenge?

  43. Buse

    Learning new things… forever :)

  44. Ashani hettige

    Well I’m in !

  45. Miguel

    It would seem the confirmation email is not following through.

  46. pat Harrington

    I don’t know why I got this “Leave a Reply” boxes. I just wanted to sign up for the TED-ed July challenge.

  47. I signed up and have a bunch of my students and colleagues interested as well, but I didn’t get a confirmation and haven’t yet received today’s lesson. When will we be getting that?

    • Vera Constâncio

      try to see on the newsletter marker in your e-mail. At least mine was there.

  48. Adam Halpern

    Looking forward to a variety of mental workouts and “brain hits”. :-)

  49. Suraj Katragadda

    Can’t wait to start.Thank you!

  50. Gina

    Enjoyed the first lesson!!! It took only a few minutes and I learned a bunch! Looking forward to this challenge. Thanks Ted.

  51. Suraj

    Can’t wait to start. Thank you!

  52. celia

    Yesterday I got my lesson, but today I have yet to get an email with the link!

  53. Jennifer Cornell

    I got day 2 but not day 1 …is there an archive anywhere?

  54. Paula

    I have confirmed, but have not received a TEDX lesson in my inbox…..

  55. Kimberly

    Did one get sent out for July 2nd?

  56. Dylan

    I signed up a day late, and never got the first day’s challenge. Where can I access that?

  57. Chloe

    How can I do the lessons that i missed on July 1st and 2nd?

  58. Candy

    I have been working very hard to complete the July Challenge, but I did not receive yesterday’s lesson in my e-mail

  59. Zachary

    I’m missing day 6. Is there a list somewhere?

  60. Liz

    Hi! I only just saw this but I would love to still participate! If I sign up now will I get the lessons for the first 7 days?

  61. sarah

    Hey Ted!
    I’m so sorry but i found out about this challenege only today (7th July) does this mean i can’t participate? I keep trying to subscribe to the lessons but i’m unable to confirm my email address because that email doesn’t reach me in the first place. Is this because i’m late ?

  62. Sara Woodward

    Can I catch up on Ted-Ed July Challenge lessons that I’ve missed?

  63. I’m going to use these as Friday topics for student journals! If I complete a lesson a day late will it still count for my 31 so I am still in the drawing?

  64. Loretta

    Just got an email asking me to take a survey about the July Challenge .. but the link doesn’t work! :-(
    Anyone got the url for it?

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