One student’s advice: Watch more TED-Ed Lessons in high school

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Abike Sonubi is a first-year student at Wesleyan University. This summer, she interned at the TED office. “I wish I’d watched more videos like TED-Ed Lessons while I was in high school,” she says. Below, she explains why.

Abike Sonubi writes: The first time I saw a TED-Ed Lesson was soon after high school graduation. I was interning at TED, and my project was to review some of the animated videos before they were translated into different languages. A few of these videos included topics that I’d encountered in my high school AP classes. I regret that I didn’t know about TED-Ed in high school, because it’s a great way to study for tests!

Videos like these are particularly useful for students who identify as visual learners — like me. Because they’re animated, it’s easy to remain focused on what they’re teaching. Many of the videos are also useful in daily life. For example, I recently told a friend about the lifelong impact that slouching in the chair can have on us. I was able to obtain that information from one of the animated videos I watched this summer.

If I could recommend just one TED-Ed Lesson for you to start with, it would be Why sitting is bad for you. Students and teachers spend so much time sitting down, and we often don’t think about the toll! Watch and learn:

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  1. Thank you so much for your comment, would you please tell me which videos could have helped you in you Ap classes?

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