TED-Ed Clubs Exploration: Connect with cave diver Jill Heinerth

underwater ted-ed

Because TED-Ed Club members demand to explore the furthest corners of the world, we recently held our very first EXPLORATION: Connect with underwater archaeologist and TED speaker Jill Heinerth! To learn more about what students discovered on their virtual tour, read on.

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During this Exploration: Connect, 11 TED-Ed Clubs from the US (NY, GA, SC, CA, AK, MA), India, and Canada toured Jill’s expedition site (a WWII shipwreck off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada) as she prepped for her next dive. Club members asked and learned about some awesome stuff:

  • 100-year-old graffiti done by iron miners
  • aging caves by cutting stalactites/stalagmites and counting the rings…just like trees
  • dive mapping tool that Jill used (under water) is being sent to explore Jupiter’s moon Europa
  • SODAPOP HEARTS (did you know that decompression sickness is caused by inert gas bubbles that form in a diver’s heart from the pressure of the depth?)
  • bouquets of sea anemones where war weapons used to be

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