Be a part of TED-Ed Weekend… VIRTUALLY!

TED World Theater. Photo: Ryan Lash

Photo: Ryan Lash

On February 8th, TED-Ed Weekend is going to be celebrating students around the world. And here at TED-Ed, we want to make sure those of you watching remotely are a part of it. Can’t make it to TED HQ in NYC? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Join us in the TED World Theater!

So what exactly is the TED World Theater?

It’s a new technology that projects a participant’s webcam image (YOU!) onto the walls of our theater in NYC. Instead of watching remotely like you’d watch a TV show, you’ll be a visible addition to our in-house audience, watch the speakers and panels, and interact with attendees both in-person and virtual from wherever you are!

TED World Theater

TED World Theater

 Why it’s awesome:

  1. Be on the TED stage virtually! Some virtual attendees will get the opportunity to address the room from a screen on the TED stage.

  2. Meet and chat with other students from around the world in the TED World Theater chat room

  3. Have the chance to ask speakers and guests questions and take part in panel discussions

  4. Be a shining face in the crowd, up on the theater wall as an audience member

  5. Participate in exclusive TED World Theater-only puzzles, riddle challenges and games for a chance to win prizes

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Sofia Guidi

Sofia Guidi speaking at TED-Ed Weekend 2018. Photo: Ryan Lash

What you’ll need to participate:

To take part in the TED World Theater, you’ll need to follow a few tech requirements:

  1. A high-speed internet connection and computer with webcam capabilities so we can see and talk to you!

  2. The Chrome 65 and above browsers work best with the theater system. Opera, Firefox 59 and above, or Safari will work if you’re not planning to speak. Internet Explorer unfortunately is not compatible with the theater system.

  3. We want to be able to hear your questions and for you to be able to hear the speakers! Using headphones or earbuds (with a microphone!) will give you the best audio experience.

  4. Add to your email address book so you can receive the link to join the event and for any troubleshooting needs for the day of!

Even if you can’t be at TED-Ed Weekend physically, we want you in the room virtually! Sign up today and get ready for February 8th. We can’t wait to “see” you there!

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