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Meet the Student Talks materials!

At TED-Ed, we’re passionate about sharing vibrant, diverse, and meaningful student voices with the world. Since 2014, thousands of student groups across the globe have been developing and sharing their ideas using our free idea presentation literacy materials. And, in [...]

Turn your school essay into a TED-style Talk

Writing a college admissions essay (or any essay for that matter) can be grueling. BUT—did you know that once you’ve written that essay, you’re halfway to giving a TED-style Talk? So why not register with The TED-Ed Student Talks Program to [...]

TED-ED Clubs asks: How do you talk about depression?

I grew up in love with stories. There were days when I’d refuse to go outside or come to dinner because I had my nose in a book, or was trying to write one. My earliest dreams and aspirations came from [...]

Does school prepare students for the real world? This teen speaker says no

Are teenagers today prepared for life after school? Or are American students too coddled? Windsor High School student Aliezah Hulett ponders these questions in her TED-Ed Club talk, “Preparing Students for the Real World.” During the talk, she advocates for schools [...]

Islamophobia through the eyes of a middle school student

Hilliard Weaver Middle School student Ayat Bhutta notices prejudice against Muslims frequently, both in her own life and on the news. Significant events like the vandalism of mosques around America and the shootings in Chapel Hill made her want to [...]

Becoming Spiderman may be easier than you think: A TED-Ed Club talk on genetically modified humans

Will future generations see the human genome as the end point for humanity — or just the beginning? This ethical quandary isn’t just the stuff of science fiction. Scientists already have the ability to create glow-in-the-dark pigs using jellyfish DNA. [...]

3 storytelling tips for TED-Ed Student Talks

Great TED Talks — and TED-Ed Student Talks — can be as compelling as any fictional tale. As a student when I gave my TED Talk, I thought a lot about how to use narrative writing strategies for powerful presentations. Below are [...]