The most popular TED-Ed Lesson of 2012

2012 was truly a spectacular year in Science, and so it is only fitting that the most popular TED-Ed Lesson of the year is an ode to Science delivered by a true champion of the Scientific Method, Adam Savage.

This TED-Ed Lesson is perfect for reflecting on how global and personal developments in the last year will unlock even greater opportunities in the year (and years) ahead.

Happy New Year from everyone at TED-ED!


  1. This will be the perfect motivation for my module on the Scientific Method in CS301 this spring – thanks TED!

  2. Lisa Kelley

    Plan on using this as a motivator for middle school.

  3. This is sooo cool. I did not know the video was the most popular of 2012. Well, I watched this video months ago, and now that I watch it again, I love it even more. I believe the animation is very well done indeed, and the content too is excellent, if not amazing. You people at TED-Ed are doing a great job. I always share the videos that you post, I do it via YouTube though. Is that the same for you or you’d rather have your audience to “share the love” via TED-Ed’s website? Anyway the outcome is the same anyway. Keep going doing what you’re doing please.

  4. Very inspirational presentation by one of favorite scientists, Adam Savage. I’ve always been a deep-thinker and these two combined gave me the idea of my presentation on ZEROTIME.

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