Flipped Day


This post is a quick and congratulatory shout out to our friends over at the Flipped Learning Network (FLN) for pulling off the first Flipped Day! We’re also really excited to report that the idea for giving this nascent teaching method its own day originated from Mark Wilson right here in the TED-Ed Community.

So, what’s the big idea?  As FLN reports, “on 9-6-2013 educators across the globe will take a pledge to flip one lesson to experience Flipped Learning, with the expectation this leads to further flipped units or an entire course.”

If you would like to participate you can check out the options on FLN or use the TED-Ed website to create a lesson around any video on YouTube.  Just follow the steps on this page.

In an effort to make it easier for teachers to find great educational video content, TED-Ed has been suggesting quality videos to flip.  We’ve put together a few lists of great science, social studies, and math videos for you to choose from.

We also have a few examples of videos that have been flipped by teachers from the TED-Ed community. Check Carla Staffa’s lesson on the War of 1812, or Greg Schwanbeck’s lesson on how we should teach Physics in our schools.

If you enjoy the experience of creating a lesson, keep an eye on this space.  We’ll continue suggesting flip-worthy videos and featuring exemplary flipped lessons right here on the TED-Ed blog.