Create a lesson around these three videos: Heroes and villains


Following last week’s challenge theme (civilization), this week’s theme is heroes and villains.

Here are a few examples of lessons related to heroes and villains:

- Rebecca Kaplan’s lesson is about the Higgs Boson.

- Josephine Skwish’s lesson is about mind-altering microbes (aka bacteria).

- Laura Demaria’s lesson is about Joan of Arc.

- Blayne Gelbman’s lesson is about The Black Panthers.

This week’s challenge is to create a lesson around at least one video related to heroes and villains. You can flip any of our suggested videos above or you can find and flip your own video exploring heroes and villains here.  Nominate your lesson as a Best Flip, and we’ll potentially feature it on the TED-Ed website!


Venomous animals: Friend or foe?



Creativity is a hero!


Are fossil fuels our heroes? Or are they our worst villains?