Create a lesson around these four videos: Government


Following the last challenge theme (Plant Life), this week’s theme is Government.

Authoritarianism, democracy, oligarchy, or republic…there are about as many forms of government as there people to be governed.  Let’s delve a little deeper into what (arguably) holds the world together.

This week’s challenge is to create a lesson around at least one video related to government. You can create a customized lesson around any of our suggested videos below, or you can find your own video exploring plant life here. Nominate your lesson as a Best Flip, and we’ll potentially feature it on the TED-Ed website!


All you ever wanted to know about the US government shutdown.


Capitalism. What is it anyway?


Why do we exchange things? What does this teach us about money and the government?


Russell Brand shares why he’s passionate about government. Is there a lesson here?