Welcoming the first wave of TED-Ed Club Facilitators


Members of the Gordonvale, Australia pilot TED-Ed club

It’s been a month since the launch of TED-Ed Clubs, and, so far, we’ve received applications from almost 1,000 educators who are eager to start a new club at their school. Just last week, 250 TED-Ed Clubs found their footing in locations across the globe, with groups starting in the United States, South Africa, Australia, Greece, Singapore and lots of places in between.

The new facilitators’ excitement has been infectious as they voice their goals for their clubs. Many are aiming their hopes high, aspiring to motivate and challenge their students to think in new ways.

Kelly McManus, a Library Media Specialist from Groton Dunstable Regional High School in Massachusetts, says, “I’m most excited about building confidence in my students to follow their passions and knowing that their voice, their ideas are worthy, valued and needed in a global conversation.”


A montage of photos show KompKamp’s pilot TED-Ed Club in Serbia hard at work

Facilitator Will Gourley, from Sam Chapman Public School in Markham, Ontario, agrees. “If it was up to me, the use of student driven/motivated inquiry would permeate the instructional day at Sam Chapman. I believe that when we allow learners to seek areas of interest and passion that are meaningful to them then they will throw their hearts and minds into their education.”

Other facilitators look forward to acquiring a set of tools to help teach students how to build solid presentations. Kristine Sargsyan from the Tumo Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan, Armenia says, “I am looking forward to teach[ing] our kids to research before doing [their] talk[s] – to have perfect supporting materials for their ideas and presentations.”

And, of course, most facilitators just can’t wait to watch their students present some big ideas.


A Ted-Ed Club member in Armenia storyboards his presentation

Heather Greaves, from Oturu School in New Zealand, says, “I want my Year [7 and 8] students to realize that they are able to share their ideas with others around the world and that the ideas are similar the world over. This week we have been looking at lots of great [TED Talks] by students their own age and they have been very excited about the prospect of doing their own presentations.”

We’re inspired by the goals of these facilitators, both lofty and practical. If you want to bring TED-Ed Clubs to your school, be sure to apply here.


  1. Jason Stier

    Just hearing that Riverview East High School is going to be starting a TED-Ed Club this March has created a huge buzz. Students have been coming to me sharing their ideas and passions in hopes of being part of the club. Our TED-Ed Club will be the perfect addition to our current Project-Based learning initiative. What a wonderful way to offer more choice and voice to our students.

  2. What a privilege to be part of this great community of inspired educators and creative young people. Let’s all share all those new, fresh ideas from our students and help them develop an important life skill. Communication. Stamatis Papademetriou from Papademetriou LS in Athens

  3. ivalda Rosangela alves dos Santos

    oá, gostaria de participar do clube, o que fazer?

  4. Ernst Duvert

    Am retired but otherwise I would try to introduce TED-Ed in prison education! I wish the world success with this beautiful system (and off course with Khan Academy as another example of progress).

  5. I would love to be part of bringing this to our school and students! Let me know how I can make this happen……

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