The first semester of TED-Ed Clubs: A Twitter roundup

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Over the first semester of TED-Ed Clubs, facilitators and club members took to Twitter to capture their memories and experiences. Some shared photos and others livetweeted. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite TED-Ed Club tweets from the first semester.

Club facilitators can’t wait to get started:


And it’s not only educators who get pumped:

Club meetings cover thought-provoking topics:

Which leads to some extraordinary brainstorming:

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Some clubs use technology to meet with other clubs around the world:



Workshops and research allow students to explore their ideas to the fullest:


And, of course, practice makes perfect:

Seeing a final product is a pretty great feeling of accomplishment:

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  1. Jimbo Rite

    Wow this is super duper interesting. I loved the part about practice making perfect!

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