The science of Interstellar: 5 TED-Ed Lessons to help you understand the film


Thanks to physicist Kip Thorne’s influence, the latest space-travel film Interstellar features some remarkably scientifically accurate depictions of topics that have previously been mangled by the Hollywood treatment. Here, we wrangled together five TED-Ed Lessons that can serve as a (spoiler-filled) crash course on some of the trickier science in the film.

Time Dilation

Why do 7 years pass on Earth for every hour spent on the water planet orbiting Gargantua? How does Murph wind up older than her father? Why does Paul Rudd never seem to age? (OK, that last one has nothing to do with Interstellar, but we have our suspicions that they’re related…)

5-dimensional Beings

What does it actually mean for a being to be 5 dimensional? What is the tesseract that Coop falls into inside the Black Hole’s event horizon?
*Note: This lesson references 4 dimensional life forms, while Interstellar talks about 5 dimensional beings. The reason for the difference is that this lesson is just looking at geometric dimensions, whereas Insterstellar is counting 4 spatial dimensions plus 1 time dimension.

Black Holes and Gravity

Why is there a secret locked inside Gargantua? How are gravity and spacetime related? Why does Sandra Bullock hate space so much? (OK, OK, different movie again, sorry!)

Tidal Waves

We suspect that the colossal waves on the water planet have something to do with tidal forces caused by Gargantua’s gravitational pull, similar to how the moon causes the Earth’s tides. The film isn’t entirely clear on that point, but for an explanation of tsunamis on Earth, look no further.


Newton’s Third Law

It isn’t often that a protagonist will cite a foundational law of physics when he heroically sacrifices himself. But when he or she does, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This video will help you brush up on Newton’s Laws for the next time you need to justify an epic life decision.


  1. patrick hughes

    The lessons shown here are very well done. The movie is an absolute bunch of pseudo science and gibberish. The speeds needed to dilate time in movie are not attainable. The forces involved in traveling at such speeds would prove fatal to humans and the forces associated with travel near a black hole would also be fatal. I understand that suspension of disbelief in a movie is necesary but this movie was too much.

    • Michelle

      “Speeds needed to dilate time in movie are not attainable.”

      Sorry I missed the part in the movie that showed time dilation due to relative velocity. The movie i watched dealt with gravitation time dilation.

    • Don

      Actual leading scientists would largely disagree with you.

    • Tony

      How can you comment on a movie you clearly haven’t watched? Nowhere in the movie did the spaceships in the movie go at speeds that would dilate time.

    • Abhishek

      In the movie, time dilation is not due to speed but due to space contraction caused by Immense Gravity of Gargantua. As the water planet was very near to Gargantua it was in a contracted space where time moves very slow compared to Earth’s.

    • Andrew

      They are using general relativity not special relativity. Supermassive black hole = huge gravity well

    • Heider M.

      that’s why we call science FICTION…is not intended to prove something, is a story about what lead us, as humans, forward. Don’t be such a hater, just enjoy the movie as what supposed to be, FICTION.

      • Cássio Lenno

        People can not relax a little and enjoy the magic that a film of this type provides, for me has been amazing and fulfilled what he promised.

        • Stefan Nielsen

          Well, its good that small minds were entertained, that is also why movies like this keep being made, because most people are small minded.

          The movie was very far from scientific, especially the whole time paradox, where it was future him, that lead him to the NASA complex, had future-him never given past-him the NASA coordinates, he would never have left earth, and would never have informed himself on where to go. Utterly retarded.

          • CR

            You seem pretty impressed with yourself, Big Brain. I imagine you don’t like very many movies.

          • TheDude

            Wow, the rest of the movie’s nonsense had me so blinded, I didn’t even catch that obvious fact. Good catch!

          • John

            “where it was future him, that lead him to the NASA complex, had future-him never given past-him the NASA coordinates, he would never have left earth, and would never have informed himself on where to go”

            So your argument, the way I understand it goes like this.
            Premisce 1 – future-him lead him to the NASA complex
            Premisce 2 – had future-him never given past-him the NASA coordinates, he would never have left earth and never have informed himself on where to go
            Conclusion – Utterly retarded.

            It makes no sense, since future-him did inform past-him. So what are you arguing about?

          • Agreed

            You clearly not understand the paradox.

            Future him cannot exist without futur him gives to past him the coordinates.

            If futur him needs futur him to exist that is impossible.

          • Mary C.

            Absolutely agree! The entire movie was confusing, boring and very little was explained. For instance, why didn’t Anne Hathaways hair ever grow???:-)

          • Tajpi

            No, movies like this are made to satisfy everyone. The small minds are happy about enjoying the movies and big minds like yours can make smirk comments and feel superior. Everybody wins!

          • Juan Jo

            Okay I really dont think you know more than Kip Thorne the guy who worke with Nolan to make sure it was pretty scientificaly accurate.The guy that handled the science parts of interstellar found out that in things like suppermassive blackwholes matter behaves differently to a quantum scale, his calculations prove that once in a supermassive black hole time(and everything else) exist as its own separate confined space and time. which is why astrophicist have such hardons for supermasive black holes, and time travel. Its also why the cooper NASA paradox doesnt exist in the first place. By entering gargantua and accesing the fourth dimention tesseract he could see time and interact with it with out entering itno paradoxes and butterfly effect shit. Scientificaly speaking, why this movie is so awesome, is that if our tecnology keeps advancing its actually possible to have shit like that hapen.
            None of that even matters though cause your pompous actitude of “omg this movie iz stoopid cuz it not comletely realiztic!!1″ is retarded.Fiction is by its very definition something that is detached from reality. The results, the character, the situations are all made up. So many factors in every scene have to be ignored in orther for a story to advance the way you want it that it is technically imposible for fiction to be entirely realistic. The movie has a prety badass message, really cool scences that aare epicly shot, and badass actors, not to mention christoher nolan. Like, seriously its lame to waste your time in a ted ed blog to feel smarter by bashing on intertstellar and failing. Its also pretty lame to take the time reply to such douche. Maybe I need a life, or netflix. Yeah, netflix.

          • themacw

            Well Stefan Nielsen, what does your comment tell us about your mind then?
            You claim to be so great minded, but still you are unable to see the difference between a movie, which has the primary objective to entertain people and give them a good time, and a documentation or scientific conclusion which has the objective to provide exact scientifically proofed facts to inform people. In my opinion this makes you pretty small minded.

          • LRO

            I find it breathtaking that someone with such poor grammar is accusing others of having “small minds.”

    • marcin

      Well, i do it every time on my way to work…

    • freemars

      American theoretical physicist, Kip Thorne worked as a scientific consultant for the movie Interstellar. He actually did so many physics equations to get the wormhole and black hole effects right, that his work is going to be published into a scientific paper.

    • George

      “The forces involved in travelling at such speeds would prove fatal to humans”

      There are no forces involved in travelling at any speeds below the speed of light. As for getting to those speeds, if you accelerated at 9.81 m/s for a year you would almost reach the speed of light.

      “and the forces associated with travel near a black hole would also be fatal.”

      What forces? Like, gravity? In free fall gravity wont have any harmful effect on your body. Unless you’re inside one where the change in gravitational strength is significant over the length of your body to pull you apart.

      • Caspar

        Gravity in itself doesn’t harm the body. It’s the difference in gravity between your feet and your head (which is also called tidal forces by the way) that does the trick. Close to a black hole, these tidal forces become enourmous and you’ll simply be ripped apart. I didn’t do the math of course, but being as close to a black hole as they are, I suspect that in reality, they would have been torn to shreds.

        But… even to me as a physicist, that all doesn’t really matter. In my opinion, its very nice that they tried to get there science right, but used artistic freedom where appropriate.

        • Ramiro

          tidal forces near the event horizon aren’t that different if it’s a Kerr’s supermassive black hole (I think kip thorne said that about why he can go that close to the event horizon)

        • Siddharth

          But Sir, in the movie the black hole is a supermassive black hole, who’s tidal forces outside the event horizon are not high enough to cause Spaghettification! As far as I know, Spaghettification in supermassive black holes starts significantly, only beyond the inner horizon, a region Cooper didn’t enter! But I may be wrong, do let me know :)

          • Debanjalee Ghosh

            okay, from a layman’s point of view: shouldn’t the difference(that should be huge for a black hole, right?) between the accelerations of even the smallest parts of a human body should rip it apart as soon as it enters the black hole. And how in the world did detaching that much of the spaceship give it enough catapulting to escape that much of gravity?

      • Debanjalee Ghosh

        yes, so could someone please tell me how the human body survived the infinite pull of the blackhole? shouldn’t it have disintegrated as soon as it entered? and how did detaching only that much of the spaceship give him enough momentum to counter the pull of the blackhole????

    • David

      Hi, I’m here to pick up Angela. Is this the right address?

    • Whistler

      Everyone stop everything! Someone is wrong on the Internet!

    • Sunn

      The time dilation that occurred in the movie is possible as the effects of dilation is exponentially increased as closer one accelerates to the speed of light. There is aspects of the narrative that is fiction to develop suspense and a better quality of story, however your lack of knowledge as you create greater misunderstanding about the sciences is worse than anything that was portrayed in the movie.

    • Bob Malone

      @patrick hughes:

      HINT: Next time watch the movie first before commenting on an article about the movie. That way you do not look like a total tool for making comments on something you have no clue about.

      • Il barone

        Time travel is a fantasy scenario, not a sci-fi scenario. There is no science behind going back and forth in time, only fantasy speculation based on theories in their infancy. Filling a movie with specious jargon and recondite theoretical concepts hurt the film as a piece of fiction, I think, and encourages the above scientnik screaming meanies posted above.

        • Kilo

          But where in the movie is there actual time travel?

          • Nick Ferrrarrri

            Watch the movie again. And it’s not anything to do with the relativity aspect that is a recurrent plot device. Check how it all plays out at the end. If he was the ghost inside the tesseract, he arrives back in time to send the “STAY” message to Murph, then, after he talks to TARS and finds out how he can help with Plan A and send the black hole data, he changes his mind and locates within the tesseract the place in time where he manipulates gravity to send the NAS coordinates with the falling dust. And then, as he’s burnt off a lot of time through time dilation orbiting Gargantua, he has had to travel through time within the tesseract to handover the data to Murph (since she would otherwise have become so much older and given up the ghost (pardon the pun) if Cooper hadn’t manipulated the watch after Murph came back to the house. Of course, without a further very complicated plot device, it’s a circular paradox as these how could he receive the coordinates from himself as a tesseract ghost if there’s no other way he would have recived them than by sending them himself. This requires an alternate timeline of events that still saw him complete the same set of events that saw him find NASA some other way, and a similar set of events unfold that saw himself-sacrifice himself into the black hole. And then, for the tesseract to be there still, 5D future humans would require yet another alternate timeline to harness the data over an extended period – perhaps millions of years – and perhaps future humans are re-inventing the timeline with the tesseract than the only one available to them via the natural arrow of time (which could have been e.g. burrowing into the Earth and developing AI to the extent that humans leave AI a brief to save mankind in the past before mankind’s unavoidable demise.

    • Carl

      I am confounded by how hard it is for people to enjoy a movie without discussing semantics, minutiae and the factual accuracy of the movie in a way that extends to not liking the movie because a few “truths” were bent. Its not a documentary on space. Do you think when people went to see planet of the apes they all walked out saying oh thats not factual, apes could never do that! No they enjoyed it for what it was. People like Nolan are pushing the boundary, let him, otherwise directors and script writers will become so embroiled in making sure the facts are 100% accurate and neglect the story and the intention.

      Not only that, so far in fact that the movie actually helped scientists understand more about black holes than then knew prior to the production of the movie and Nolan and Thorne are now writing papers on what they have discovered to present to the scientific community. Hows that for accuracy and amazing fact! And not to mention most of the “facts” in sci-fi are hypotheses, i.e. there is no proof for e.g. certain higher dimensions. I’m all for healthy discussion and debate, but to dislike a movie because of the inaccuracy of hypothetical principles is bordering on lunacy. For goodness sake people go and enjoy a movie for once without doing this please, stop judging and pointing fingers and getting on your high horse about right and wrong. You might find you actually have some fun and learn something new, even if it is that Matt Damon can play a complete dick of a character really well! hahaha

    • bob

      It’s just a movie people! Did you go see it thinking that everything was possible. All that should matter is if enjoyed watching it.

    • Sebastian

      I love physics, from String theory to quantum mechanics. And the movie has many many real things – for those who do know how far science can go, it was an amazing movie, that share a lot of physics for those who normally won’t stop to review such issues.

    • “The movie is an absolute bunch of pseudo science and gibberish”, I would exchange “gibberish” for “imagination”, also don’t be too caught up in the pseudo science of the movie, after all, IT’S A MOVIE.

    • Ann Lydekker

      Just a note to add how right your comment is. So sick of the film industry’s blockbuster psycho-babble, space or otherwise. Too bad James Campbell capitalized on ‘The Myth Genre”.

  2. Balakarthik

    Excellent videos !Thanks a lot creators ! :)

  3. amit kumar


  4. Havan Agrawal

    Brilliant videos. I just want to say that there was a time where people rigidly believed the Earth was flat and at the center of the universe. If you were to show them a movie depicting a round earth and the fact the space is infinite and growing, and about sending spaceships to Mars, about self-driving cars and drawing power from the sun, they would be just as skeptical. No one claims this to be completely possible, but this movie opens up ideas in one’s head that wouldn’t have popped up otherwise. They had a physicist whom they consulted for scientific accuracy, and I’m pretty sure he knew what he was talking about. Either way, it is after all a science fiction movie. Who knows what the future has in store for us. :)

  5. Albokalari

    A few words on the movie “Interstellar”:
    1. No NASA is not populated by fuzzy and loveable grandpa types, but is dominated by a marginally psychotic corporate elite and military “yes men”.
    2. No the Earth/nature is not trying to get rid of us, we’re doing that to ourselves.
    3. The answer to all our problems does not lie in NASA’s ability to get us off this “dying” planet to a new planet so we can screw that one up as well (they have no intention of saving the majority of us anyway), but in healing the one we live on now.
    4. Just because you portray a military robot as cute and loveable does not mean you can sneak in your “lethal autonomous weapons” programme (i.e. killer robots) behind our backs at the UN convention in Geneva this week.
    5. If American GM corn truly was the last crop to grow on Earth we’d all be dead from stomach cancers and chronic blood disorders anyway.
    6. The apocalyptic dust storms (inspired by the 1950s “Dust Bowl”) that you try to blame on nature were actually caused by industrial farming and greedy investors (similar to the ones who invested in the making of this film).
    7. Oh, and don’t get me started on the Apollo lunar missions and whether the footage was faked or not. Just ask Stanley Kubrick’s daughter about that one.

    • Nicolai

      I really don’t understand your post. It’s a SciFi movie, as in: A fictional story. Why are you outlining points in the movie as if they were current events? Has someone convinced you that this was a documentary of sorts?

    • Fini

      @Albokalari you are right in most of the points . So the best option is to make everyone aware of all this science so that they can make their own choices
      by their own brain and these videos are good in that way .

    • jm

      1. The NASA depicted in Interstellar is future, post-military NASA.
      2. It’s poetic flourish to describe the same thing.
      3. That’s not playing the odds.
      4. You’re onto the conspiracy. The Nolans will have to go back to the drawing board.
      5. Sick burn.
      6. Your mixed use of past and presence tense has me wondering if you’re actually posting from a tesseract.
      7. I won’t get you started.

    • antonio carlos

      Stop tripping bro

    • James

      5.Can you cite sources that GMO’s cause any health problems? I did research on GMOs a few weeks ago and couldn’t find anything of the sort in academic journals.
      7. She will tell us that it wasn’t faked because we didnt have the technology to fake slow motion video for that long of time. right?

    • Jill

      1930s. Also known as the dirty 30s

    • nick

      You certainly are a novice when it comes to using your brain. For somebody who tries and use “science” (or whatever that was) to “prove” a movie was bad, you dont seem use it in your every day to day life. No reputable study, that has been able to be replicated and validated, has shown anything other than positive outcomes from GM crops. I also dont think you understand how impossible the moon landings would have been to fake. They wouldnt have been able to survive every attack trying to disprove it if they where. I dont think you have observed how disfunctional the governmemt is, but they would habe never been able to pull it off. I guess if you buy into the conspiracies though, your novice response would be something along the lines of, “thats all part of the ruse!”

      • Asdfjkl

        This hits the nail on the head. Also, the fact that the Dust Bowl occurred in the 1930s was a red flag that this guy obviously wasn’t very thorough in his “fact” checking.

    • Asdfjkl

      Albokalari, please do some research before you spew nonsense over the internet. Leave your silly conspiracy theories and ill-founded conclusions at home. Stanley Kubrick did not fake the lunar landings. Also, the Dust Bowl was in the 1930s, NOT the 1950s. Wake up.

    • Juan Jo

      if you are not trolling please hook me up with the guy that´s selling you that acid, it seems good man.

  6. Colin

    The dust bowl was in the 30′s so all of your arguments are invalid.

  7. Dook

    To counter all your moronic rambling with some of my own:
    1- CTFD it’s a movie
    2- No matter how cleanly or earth friendly we try to live the earth is, always has been and always will be a resource that we use. All resources are limited in both quantity and quality. Eventually we will use up our resource…no matter what you argue this is cold hard truth.
    3- The earth is generally portrayed as being ‘alive’ or ‘mother earth’ and, therefore if it is to be considered as a living thing. It, like all living things, has a finite life span. So yes at some point in the distant future the earth could be dying and as such we would need to leave.
    4-See number 1
    5- There is no clear scientific proof that GM’s are affecting our health. Stop fear mongering. Also, we really don’t know how prevalent cancers were prior to to the start of the 20th century and as such can’t be certain that cancer rates are significantly higher or cause more deaths than they have throughout our history. Also, other factors could be at play even if they are, for instance the increased variations of genetics due to higher population and larger gene pool.
    6- Even modern day deserts were once full of plant and aquatic life so yes the earth can change without our help, not that I’m denying we are currently causing problems.
    7- You lost any credibility, not that you had any, with this point

    • Ramiro

      I can’t like this comment enough :)

    • Anon E Mouse

      Agree with everything except #5.

      There’s a big difference between cross-pollenation and splicing fish DNA into tomatoes.

      The absence of proof is not an argument for acceptance of safety.

      Fish do not f**k tomatoes and, quite frankly, I would be truly worried if they did.

      It is shocking that the scientific community actually stands behind this practice, especially when us layman ask, “How do you know it won’t damage us?” and we are told, “Don’t worry.” The sheer arrogance of it is expressed by Neil deGrasse Tyson stating with certainty about a field he knows nothing about, that we’ve been doing “GM” for eternity. This is the very definition of hubris.

      What about all of the patented food leaking into the “natural” DNA of the rest of the planet? What happens when it mutates? How can the genie be put back in the bottle?

      The truth is that you cannot put the genie back. This has been proven with our corn industry -most of our corn is patented. Can you believe that? Patented food.

      It doesn’t take much to realize that our seed storage vault in Norway is, in part, an attempt to possibly counter this issue later on.

      You fools. What have you done?

    • farmerash

      GMOs, the way they are currently being used, are horrible from an ecological standpoint, and contribute to unsustainable Ag practices that are polluting the environment. I think they have potential, but dowsing them in fertilizer and Round-Up, while simultaneously destroying our biodiversity and continuing in a never ending foot race with pests are not good ideas when thinkig about the future of our planet.

  8. Amy Leary

    This 60 Minutes segment from 11/14/14 on the science of depleting groundwater as verified by the GRACE satellite seems related too —

  9. Fini

    Very good videos

  10. ohmeohmy

    Just enjoy the dang movie and have fun discussing the entertainment of it. Come on…

  11. JP

    The one thing that bothered me was when they were originally leaving Earth for the wormhole. They seemed to just fly away from Earth rather than increasing their velocity and slowly raising their orbit to intersect with that of the wormhole.

    I shrugged it off though and it was a pretty neat movie (even if it was a bit of a rip of “Abyss”).

  12. Doug C

    I didn’t see where the producers said this was a documentary. It’s FICTION! And entertaining.

  13. Bheind

    I thought the 4th dimension that they skip over in the movie was love…dang.

  14. Alexandra

    This is great! Thank you.

  15. jon savoy

    Everyone is missing the point. Time travel was invented by US!! Therefore making the whole scenario plausible. Regardless of current science and understanding. End of story. Enjoy it.

  16. All the video are enthralling and explained the complex topics very well. I don’t know why some people are fighting on silly stuff. we should actually appreciate the film makers for making the science so interesting and appealing. most of the time by most of the people science is considered as boring.
    filmmakers, however compelled those nerds to watch such sci-fi film with interests. Kudos to the work done by the author of this article and to the film makers.

  17. Lelin

    Gigantic waves in a 50 cm deep water?

  18. j

    Did it occur to any of the geniuses commenting on “Interstellar” that it is only a movie?

  19. Mark Safford

    Centuries ago, it was “Science” that was applauded for defeating the “ignorance” of Religion by applying reason and objectivity and the scientific method. These days, I am increasingly appalled by how these same tools allow those who “believe” in Science to allow their thought to become as rigid and unyielding as the “Religion” of centuries ago. Real Science accepts the fact that there remains a vast unknown realm of reality that our 21st Century “Science” cannot yet perceive because Science itself is in a process of continual evolution. So to those commentators who criticized the movie’s “Science”, congratulations! You have evolved from being scientists to become religious believers! You must feel very good about yourself, now that you know everything about everything!

  20. Maxwell

    How Cooper survived in the black hole ??? and how did he appear suddenly near Saturn after falling in the black hole ?????

    • Ramiro

      come on, is not that hard to figure that out… the tesseract teleported cooper and tars to the wormhole. they survived the black hole because it’s a supermassive spinning black hole, the difference between coop’s head and his foot is not very much near the event horizon (after that they have been swallowed by the tesseract)

  21. quantum physician quail lack

    The movie was entertaining. But just that multiple concepts are unattainable on any level of science. The gravity needed for the time distortion would be compatible to Goku’s training before going to namek. Also the concept of even going near a black hole is like taking a stroll on the suns surface. Rather you state that the science is future based you must consider. If they are that advanced and compound chemistry and making space suits wtf are they doing eating corn and not caning the planet they live on. Great movie for entertainment but don’t learn your science from this. Read a damn book or watch cosmos

    • Ramiro

      Kerr’s supermassive black holes don’t hav that much difference between gravity near the event horizon

  22. The film is very very bad – many holes in the story, only throwing bombastic words which really have no meaning, the story threads do not tie up and leave everything hanging. Absolute junk.

    I don’t think any amount of TED videos is going to explain anything to anyone, about what was happening in the movie!

    There was an article in the Times of India last Sunday, regarding 2 sci-fi movies – Interstellar and Gravity – it said that the movies are more FICTION than SCIENCE!! I agree with it a 100%.

    My advise is ignore everything about science that was said in the movie.

    • Ramiro

      most inacurate comment of the century. thank you (you are right about gravity though, but interstellar it’s great with the science)

  23. Likely Troll Bait

    I have an idea for the plot of “Interstellar 2″; the Dunning-Kruger Effect and how valid scientific discussion is being picked apart by those with cognitive-bias. Keep on keeping on scientists, as a lay person I find your debates worth the price of admission :-D

  24. ravi

    Is it correct to say that time travel on account of very high speeds can only take us into the future, but not in the past? In other words, we are likely to be visited only by beings from the past (who some day went on a long journey and are returning) and not by beings from the future who can tell us what it’s going to be like in the future. No, obviously that’s not possible right? because It would mean they are travelling back in time…

  25. Tivep

    Good stuff from Nolan, but hard to sleep knowing these plot holes:

  26. sahana

    ….. JUST A THOGHT.

    Another parallel inference could be science for long life in relation to gravity versus depletion of energy resources bundled in an organism.
    It may not be required to escape gravity.Terrestrial system MEDIUM with specific gravity more than that of air may counter act tangential to direction of gravity.Like bio system in deep sea etc.
    May be next human habitat. In fact we have folk tales from japan
    that a man went deep under sea spent few months.When he came back
    It was almost 4th generation after living.

    ….. JUST A THOGHT.

  27. Laura

    Wow, that’s a lot of discussion coming from a movie. From science details to GMO. Just for that I think it was worth it.

    Keeping in mind that is a movie, I think it is a great approach to science for those who (like me) are not experts in the topic. It kept me thinking about relativity and that was one the biggest learnings for me. Even although we don’t stop talking about relativity, it’s a concept hard to grasp. The one hour equal to seven years on Earth was a great way to illustrate it.

    It was a great movie that made me think about my own existence on Earth. And the TED videos are a great complement.

    Btw, science has an objectivity pretension but we have to acknowledge that research sometimes is biased. As when there is an interest conflict for the ones conducting it or they are the ones paying the bills. GMO research that says it is safe is usually conducted for those who own the business…. Keeping that in mind when you want to be completely radical with a sci-fic movie but otherwise you Believe everything some others say…

  28. pjs

    well in the film they travel through the wormhole created near saturn.
    just thinking what will be effect of gravity of that wormhole on to the earth and other planets rotating around sun. wouldn’t their paths change? this may have devastating effect on the day cycle, earth gravity, tidal waves etc.
    another question is if the warmholes have prominenet gravity then wouldn’t it rip part the spaceship and just pass on some random molecules to the otherside?

  29. Fatemeh

    According to the IMDB website’s Parent Guide the movie has some profanity. It is rated PG13. Is it appropriate for an audience of Grades 6 and 7 who are 11 and 12 years old?

  30. tmer

    the sophisticated concepts were lost to me when one of the characters said “say it, don’t spray it”. i stopped saying that in sixth grade. these are suppose to be the cream of intellectual man and this is the dialogue? or when Cooper tries to demonstrate how to maneuver the black hole horizon and he draws a circle and some arrows, reminded me of playing sandlot football and drawing up a play in the dirt. there were so,many inconsistencies, and requests for nonsensical leaps in logic that the movie falls dangerously close to being a caricature of serious investigation. you do have to suspend some beliefs in Sy-Fi, but it can’t be unreasonable when someone like me, with virtually no science IQ, can see basic problems

  31. Donald Beagle

    I enjoyed the film, and was less bothered by issues related to time-dilation and multi-dimensionality than I was by a couple very basic technological foibles that left some of the decisions made by the first “Lazarus” astronauts to go through the black hole less than credible. Why did the first astronaut even descend to the water planet? Even with the optics of 2014, unsurvivable mountain-size tidal waves would be easily detectable from orbit, or even from distances well beyond orbital range. The film’s tech advisors can’t claim that time dilation would have rendered the waves undetectable, because, if true, that would also have made it impossible to detect any data related to surface conditions that would have made that planet a potential target habitat for life in the first place. Any sane astronaut would have detected those waves, entered orbit, and gone into the long sleep hoping for a much easier rescue. The case for Matt Damon’s character landing on the ice planet is only slightly stronger. He could have rationalized that isolated microhabitats might exist beyond orbital detection, but given that another planet in the same system showed stronger signs of habitability, it would have been more credible for him to divert his mission there (assuming sufficient fuel).

  32. enjoyed the film but not understand all the story while watching, after come back home read some articles and these videos complete all :)

  33. Peenut

    I dont know about all that space time continuum stuff all I know is the watch that supposedly gave her the message from the future kept moving, giving her that message after it left the room where he (coop) was supposedly only able to make things happen in that fifth dimension. How was it still moving after she left the room?

  34. tapas

    It is the best movie I have ever seen
    ….It’s not that easy to challenge the concepts of a world renowned astrophysicist like Korne..Do we have more knowledge than Korne? Also from Nolan’s point of view, he depicted the mysterious facts of astrophysics done by Korne since years
    …..PEOPLE FEAR WHAT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND…. If you don’t like d movie,then plz ignore the movie and the science behind it…But plz stop commenting badly on d muvi…..

  35. tonyon

    when aliens come to Earth…goodbye religions and all its Lies

  36. AnaRiley

    This movie is for many reasons and acknowledging that “time would be four dimensional there” is one these reasons. Regards Celebsclothing

  37. All good videos and I always enjoy watching from Ted-Ed.

    Here is a blog article I did on the scene on Miller’s planet.

  38. ultrasciview

    I enjoyed Interstellar a lot. It wasn’t perfect, but it made me think, cry and entertained me for nearly three hours. I thought this was an incredible step in Nolan’s career. It showed how far he is willing to go for a film, figuratively and literally, and showed that he is still trying new things when it comes to filmmaking. Next he should make a movie over 12 years that looks like one continuous shot. That would automatically win him an Oscar.

  39. Chris

    I love interstellar. It’s an amazing movie, cast is really good too. Especially Christopher Nolan is just great. I think he’s the best director of our age. I’ll say again, it’s just amazing. Best my regards.

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  41. enjoyed the film but not understand all the story while watching, after come back home read some articles and these videos complete all

  42. marks

    I love interstellar. It’s an amazing movie, cast is really good too. Especially Christopher Nolan is just great. I think he’s the best director of our age. I’ll say again, it’s just amazing. Best my regards.

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