Create a lesson around these three videos: Civilization


Following last week’s challenge theme (The Renaissance), this week’s theme is civilization.

Here are a few examples of lessons related to civilization:

- Rebecca Kaplan’s lesson is about standard measurement and the roundest object in the world.

- Josephine Skwish’s lesson is about the complex network of the army ants of Africa.

- Laura Demaria’s lesson is about iron and the many innovations that are related to it’s manipulation.

- Carla Staffa’s lesson is about Ancient Mesopotamia.

This week’s challenge is to create a lesson around at least one video related to civilization. You can flip any of our suggested videos below, or you can find and flip your own video related to civilization here.  Nominate your lesson as a Best Flip, and we’ll potentially feature it on the TED-Ed website!


The neurons that shaped civilization – VS Ramachandran


The Indus Valley Civilization


How many people can live on Earth?

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  1. I would like to Nominate as a Best Flip – “Indus Valley Civilization: Crash Course World History #2″. In this video John Green explained very good way about “Indus Valley Civilization”. I love his explanation. Way of giving Idea.

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