Students’ poetry offers beautiful and surprising perspective on pandemic



When educator Kim Preshoff asked the students in her environmental science classes to create blackout poetry for Earth Day, she was expecting some nature-inspired poems and thoughts on the state of our planet. What she got back were profound and beautiful works about what they’re experiencing and living through right now: the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are some of the poems from the Williamsville North High School students:

"About COVID" by Liz

“About COVID” by Liz

"imagination" by Adrianna

“imagination” by Adrianna

"Kinda Depressing" by Catherine

“Kinda Depressing” by Catherine

"Pandemic" by Emma

“Pandemic” by Emma

"Quarantine" by Olivia

“Quarantine” by Olivia

"About the virus" by Taylor

“About the Virus” by Taylor

"When Quarantine is Over" by Annica

“When Quarantine is Over” by Annica

"Overcoming" by Julia

“Overcoming” by Julia

"Stuck in the House" by Brooke

“Stuck in the House” by Brooke

"Quarantine" by Jack

“Quarantine” by Jack

"COVID" by Anna

“COVID” by Anna

"Hope" by Alexis

“Hope” by Alexis

"How We Feel" by Anonymous

“How People Feel” by Anonymous